The NNN is over for me

I fucked up, I watched jackerman by mistake. My blockers failed me, and j failed myself. I feel miserable to look porn n do it.
I can’t still get over. I’m like that shark from nemo, until I get a taste of blood I’m fine, even a little smell indulge me into this sin. I never thought I would end up fapping. I was so determent and strong. But it somehow found the way. My god damn brain.
I’m no fit to do anything. A sinful person like me don’t deserve this app. I’m broken inside. I was fighting hard till the end. I can’t blame anything, I have to blame myself.

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Give Yourself One More Chance !!:zap:


I will try this time. No more anything. Just focusing on the goal. This will be just a black spot on a white paper. That’s how I’m gonna treat.

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