The Mini Challenge

Tuesday ~
@Forodwaith I rarely used my phone today, except for work communication.
How was your day? And walking with the spirit?

In work, I reminded myself to be thoughtful (prayerful) and pragmatic. My work partner takes 20 mins to do what is for me, ‘a 1 min job’ :man_facepalming:t2: :sweat_smile: so I kept cool (just about) and at times, forcibly took-over without hesitation, but gave back praise for all the good works he can do.
I also went to Tai Chi without hesitation :+1:

Thanks for the encouragement @dynamo5j
You’re very right to say “enjoy work and be grateful for the things I already have.” I am extremely fortunate for my opportunities - not everybody else has the same portion :pray:

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Sounds like a great day! I did well with staying in the Spirit and used my phone to make calls, check task list and a little bit of game playing but nothing overboard. I also went on a short bike ride during a let up in the typhoon.

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Hello guys.
I relapsed after 22 days but not in the common way of just giving up to pleasure.
It happened while i slept, and i didn’t even browse PMO and my dream was somewhat blurry.
It also happened in my longest streak of 43 days…

It sucks even more when it happened without me even wanting it to happen…:expressionless:
Cuz i didn’t slept on my back…
I had urges in those days, but in most days it happened quite rarely.

I guess i’ve failed couple of hours before the End of the Challenge but i tried :grin:.
This time i will cut social media and the internat, in order to reach 44 days without PMO.
I will sleep only on my back now on i guess.
Those 22 days without PMO were great and improved my life, now i will start my journy again.
That’s was the short way to explain all those 22 days.

I wish good luck to all of you guys with improving your lives for the best.
This addiction takes all of our energy and productivity in life and time.
We need to avoid it like fire.


@dynamo5j Don’t worry about it so much, and we can’t always be in control of our dreams.
You could see it as a good thing that your brain is Rewiring.
Also, Are you setting yourself a new challenge?

Please post more and I’ll glady be with you - remember this community is here to give support not a competition :pray:


Yes i start a new challenge.
In This time i will cut social media and the internat, in order to reach 44 days without PMO.
It also takes importent time.

I have a theory:

It also creates illusion that while we take those streaks, we feel sometimes that we are doing enough in that way and live our lives almost in the same way…having the same thoughts…
Watching the same videos…thinking almost the same…until the next streak.
That’s a fresh way i guess but that’s just me.
Thank you very much for your support.


Wednesday ~
Accountability Check-in

How are you doing @Forodwaith?
It’s generally been a good day, dealing with stressful situations better - prayerful attitude is becoming habitual - thanks be to God :pray:
A couple of idle moments on the Internet but remembered companions here.
How’s it going? @dynamo5j @PatrickJ @jasperpenaredondo


Sorry for being inactive this week… So busy :face_with_head_bandage:
I will try to be active next week. I want to make another challenge.

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Going good. Im back on track.

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I’m glad to hear that @PatrickJ :wink::+1:


Buhhhh… stressful… I could go on, but no.
@Forodwaith how are you?
I’m sticking to the challenge, and coming back here daily to keep affirming it for the rest of the week and next.

Idle YouTube for a few mins, turned that sh*t off.
Not walking with ‘The Spirit’ totally today, but falling for lesser ‘*spirits’ anger, pride, worry, doubt, arrogance, and some habitual-comfort-lust but always going back to God in tough times.
It’s Our Father - not just mine, but everyone’s, so I must keep loving others as God would.

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I thought of a new challenge

  • No deleting histories :joy:

Day two. I’m doing well. I’ve been at a summer camp with church youth so that’s been very helpful keeping me busy and focused on his things.

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I’m actually on day three now, yay!

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Friday ~

Hello guys, i hope that everything is going well.

Day 2. I try to cut my time on youtube for the next days.
I quit video games that’s for sure.
For me, Youtube, after some years, looks more like it full with useless content.
We already watched many videos and got the knowledge that we need, it’s seems just like a waste of time cuz we can do other things which will make life more colorful.
You can finally read the book which you always didn’t had the time to read.
You can finally to play cards with your friends…

A great way to profit more from youtube, one day…
Is to re watch again our favorite videos, and to learn again the stuff which we came to youtube from the begining.
It will give as satisfiction, that’s my opinion.

To learn the stuff, and then to think about it and make it a reality.
To have the old laughs from the old funny videos.
Boy i wonder how the days looked without the intarnet, before and after WW2…how people lived without this huge site…

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Great post @dynamo5j I know what you mean. I still have some old favourite types of YouTube videos I haven’t watched in ages. It seems like a good & fun idea.

I’ve rarely watched YouTube today :+1:
just a couple of fragrance vids by MrSmelly

I flirted with ‘eros’ this morning/last night - but strong in my decision to say “no thanks”
right now, I’d completely forgotten all about it - yesterday, last night /and this morning.
I had to really think to recall my day.
Thanks be to God :pray:

Went to church this morning :+1:
Good work day, generally prayerful.

I’ve done a few exercises before bed - there’s no excuse not to :smile:

I’m really glad to see some companions doing well, Let’s keep at this.
Keep sticking to our challenges and checking it in for the week, and build more new challenges, each week, or keep working/repairing our goals.

I definitely need to find more time for reading instead of YouTube

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Back from my holiday with my friends, now I will check-in regularly again. In this last week I maintained my moment of prayer almost every day, relaxed my body and mind, and enjoyed my time.
Time to resume my physical exercise and be more consistent in my challenges!

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Really glad @Gk-00 :fist::+1::pray:
@Forodwaith hope you’re doing well too.

Saw some friends today.
Worked diligently - still get a bit stressy at work, but it’s because of passion :smile:

Moments of mindfulness, and always turning back to God. Minimal YouTube for fun.
Excercise before bed :+1:

Thanks be to God for each day :pray:

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Still traveling and doing well, four days in. Pray that I can keep in step then the Spirit and not fall into temptation.

Thank you!


That’s great to hear @Forodwaith :+1:
And of course, Definitely :+1::pray:
Please pray for me too. I’ve noticed this morning, thoughts can be wild after dreaming.

Let’s keep walking with The Spirit and only use media for health hobbys


Yes! Now five days in!

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All good.
Today I went to church, as I always do on Sunday. No physical exercise, I had a busy day and I’m tired so I will skip it today.
Next week challenges will be:

  • spending time with God, 30 min every day
  • physical exercise, I want to restart a routine of push-ups, sit-ups etc. and also some outdoor exercise like bicycle or roller-skating each week