The Lupus Challenge[Always OPEN]; Based on the Wolves of The Beyond

That gives me a great story idea! Instead of trying to get a higher rank each day, it can be a journey to the Beyond! That would make it more interesting. It would be you and me for now, but I think others would join too!


I have an Idea, the streak can represent an especific spot in the journey to the beyond land.

for example: 0 to 15 days is the “decison swamp” it is the first spot of the journey
where all wolves are weak and depressed, but they have to take a decision to go on the journey to the beyond land.

16 to 30 days is “the battle valley” in this spot of the journey, there are many scary and demonic creatures trying to beat and weaken the wolves and take them back to the “decision swamp”, the wolves have to fight for their lives here.

30 to 60 days is the “trees of goodness area” this is a place with many trees where the wolves find confortable shelters, and there is also little spots with water which they can drink and get more energy.

60 to 90 days is the " hope village" And here the wolves begin to feel hope of one day getting to reach the beyond land.

90 to 120 days is the “uphill mountain” here the wolves have to climb the mountain, because the beyond land is on the other side of the mountain, the scary and demonic creature won´t let the wolves climb the mountain safely, they will attack them and try to take them back to the “decison swamp”.

120 to 150 days is the “downhill mountain” this is where the heartbeat of the wolves increase, because they can see the beyond land from the top of the mountain, but there is more one obstacle which is to go down the hill, but it is dangerous, because there are some bandits down the hill which are not from the beyond land, and they are there just to attack whoever tries to go in the beyond land.

And finally 150 days to 365 days " the beyond land"!

The rules of the journey.

1-The wolf that falls on one of the spots of the journey, goes back to the decision swamp, and his clan must carry on and eliminate him from the clan.

2-the eliminated wolf must find new partners in the decision swamp and form new clan.

3- there must have mutual respect between clans, if one wolf displays bad behaviour the clan must rebuke him. If the wolf continues to show bad behaviour he will be banned by his clan and removed from the journey.


That is a great way of thinking!!
In the books, the ancients, as the first wolves were called, left the Long Cold behind, journeying through the frozen Sea of Vastness. There was an Ice Bridge that they used to cross, and they ventured through what would be later known as The Outermost, and I to the Beyond.
We can take your ideas and apply them to the original concept, and I think it will be a great story!

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This is what I was thinking:
The trek across the Ice Bridge is not an easy one. There are pressure ridges as tall as boulders, pointing straight to the sky, there are ice patches that with one slip, cound meet a watery end. Patches of ice fall off the Bridge, causing holes to form. But this Ice Bridge has been there ever since the very first wolf was brought into this world. There will be challenges, but in order to seek a better world, these challenges must be completed.
Each day will represent a different part of the Ice Bridge, including a real life challenge that can boost your path and lead to a shortened journey. But if you are to fall off the Bridge, your wolf will most likely drown, and you will have to restart with a new wolf. Once the Ice Bridge is crossed, the wolves will be able to find a new home in the Beyond, and start a new chapter in their lives.
Let me know what you think!


@Kanzo , I hope you’re doing well. Are you still interested in this challenge?

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Yes bro , why would I not be??

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The challenge is just a bit empty. I really want to do it, but I just would like more people to join. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m going to think of ways I can get this to be interesting, as well as taking inspiration from the books about the Long Cold. Please invite others if you can!

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Okay I am in. :+1: Will go through the rules tomorrow.

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yeah bro, you have proved to be an amazing nofap challenge designer.


Thanks man, I appreciate that!
Also, @Nerbo , if you have any questions about the rules or a suggestion, mention me and I will respond ASAP.

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@Kanzo , @Nerbo , I plan on starting April 11th, at 12:00 pm Pacific time. Make sure you understand the rules and read the intro, I edited it. It’s okay if you aren’t ready yet, Nerbo, you can still join!

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I am all ready. :fire::fire: Bring it on! :fire::fire:

@Nerbo, please describe your wolf and give him a name. This is crucial to the storyline and being able to explain details closer!

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Sure. My Wolf is a silver one. With a scar on the right eye. Strong build. A bit enraged. And very Swift.

It’s name is Holmes.

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Not bad.
I realized that many people make a wolf with a scar. They use it as a sign that they are tough. I don’t hate it, it’s just a bit repetitive…



Chapter 1: The Decision

It was a harsh times for the Wolves. A cold curse had swept across the land, sending the The Caribou and bucks away from their their natural habitats. Hunger had strucken them terribly. The wolves were being stretched too far to be able to live properly. They needed to do something, and they needed to do it soon.

In the lead pack, Lenguno, the Head Chief, was struggling to keep his power and reign steady. The wolves were becoming anxious, suspicious of each other, and the spirit of the pack was beginning to break. But Lenguno didn’t know what to do.

It was at this moment, these desperate times, the a brave wolf decided to do the impossible, and set off for a new world.

Fengo was a young wolf, but full of spirit. He believed everything that all the wolves did, and more. And during these times, He had helped out many in need. But now in these times where even the Head Chief couldn’t even make a good choice, he decided to try and make one.

So, one day, he gathered the remaining wolves to the head pack, to see who would go with him into this quest.

“I have gathered you here today”, He began, " to ask you one question. Are you not tired of this terrible living? Are you tired of being hungry everyday? Are you tired of this terrible cold that has cursed us?" He paused, saying if anyone was paying attention. To his luck, many were listening now in agreeance. He continued, " I know we all miss the lush green of the forests in the grass, the taste of the wild Buck in the Caribou, and the warmth of the Sun. But I do not believe we are going to get any of that anymore. Here. It is my belief… That we must find it somewhere else."

At this moment, many wolves held their breath at the thought of leaving. But others were intrigued.

" I know it may seem crazy, but I am going to find a new world for all of us. Where we will be able to enjoy the peace, the warmth, in the spirits that is in this new world. I believe in! This barren land isn’t the only place on Earth! There has to be more out there! If I may be granted the opportunity to just-"

At this moment, Head Chief bursts out:" this is the land of our ancestors!! And your first thought is to leave it in the first sign of snow?! No!!! We must have hope in this place!"

Nkela, an experienced hunter, spoke up at these remarks:" there is no hope!! There’s nothing for us here except for the cold winds and snow!!"

The head chief, when he heard this, became angry, and continued: " you are going to abandon the land you were born in, In some hopes that there’s anything out there that can at least remotely satisfy you?!"

Fengo turned to Head Chief, and said:" Yes we are. But we aren’t leaving to disgrace our ancestors, but we are leaving so their sacrifices and their hard work don’t go to waste!"

He turned to the crowds, and asked;" who is with me in this journey to find something Beyond our sight? Who is willing to sacrifice what little they have here to find more??"

At this moment, no one replied. But after a few moments, Nayu, a silver wolf, said " I will." After that, a wolf known as Holmes decided to join as well.

Fengo knew that Nkela would join him, so he looked at The Head Chief, asking for an answer. After a long time of thinking, the Head Chief answered, " if you really think there is something out there, I guess I can’t stop you from searching… But, if you are unsuccessful, you will be banned from the packs!"

Fengo understood the consequences, and soon the company of four wolves started to plan the expedition to a new world, which they called the Beyond.

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Incidentally the title of my first published novel was - Beyond Mortality. So yes, let us go BEYOND mortality!

So what’s the update what do we do now?

Chapter 2: Into the Unknown
The three wolves, after preparing for their journey, started going towards the boundaries of the clans. When they reached the border of the smallest pack, they stopped, thinking about the choice they were about to make. To try and find something better for everyone. They knew deep inside that they would miss their home, but one day they’ll be able to understand how much and how desperately they needed to leave.
The area after the smallest pack did not have a name. It was simply called the Unknown. They would need to truck through different places; forests, mountain ridges, plains, to see what they could find. They knew their journey would not be easy. But they knew it would be easier than trying to survive their winter wasteland.

The challenge
For 3 days, you will do your normal no fap routines. Do whatever it is that you do to keep yourself occupied. When those 3 days are over, the next phase will begin. Make sure you keep a log of all you do, as well as checking in daily.

The boost
As an additional boost, try and make at least two friends today. It could be people you go to work with or school, someone that you’ve seen for a bit and want to be friends with, or just being friendly with someone. When you log in your days, make sure you mention their name at the least.
The log of your boost challenge is accepted for the 3 days, your journey will be shortened only for 2 days.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to updating earlier. I did to do some school and help around the house.

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