The learners request to my fellow Indian

Hey brothers of this forum especially my Indian brothers and sisters I want to ask one thing especially hindus of our country that do you hate Muslims. Because I joined one WhatsApp noFap community and just out of the blue some idiot came out of the blue came and started propagating his religion that his religion is true and all that. If you have a belief I don’t have a problem but provoking people it’s outrageous. I left the group but this type of hate is prevalent that’s why I’m asking this question to you all.

I faded up with this unnecessary hate from our own national people


Differences between humans is power but sadly, not all of us share the same prospective. Some try to force their beliefs to others, resulting in a conflict between the groups that might impact the next generations. And this is what’s happening now in our era and what happened since the creation of humanity.
But as I noted, “Some” people, not all are like that. You can not judge “Everyone” in a category because of a one person. There are Muslims who force their ideas as well as the “one true religion” but the truth as obvious as it seems, everyone believes his religion is the one true religion.
From where I come from, we have a mosque next to a church, people here have their own beliefs and no one ever forced the other to follow them. “You want to learn what Islam and Hinduism is? Here is a book about Islam and a book about Hinduism. You chose what you believe is right.” — A wise old man.
My point is, differences should never divide us and accepting is a default factor for everyone. That also includes accepting that there might be other people who force their own beliefs. Just observe and impact people with your actions, how you treat other people, your relationship with what you do and your relationship with God.

I had many Hindu friends here, I can tell you they were like brothers to me. I have my own religion they have theirs and I don’t care about it, just like I don’t care if you’re black or white, tall or short, fat or slim, wester or eastern.
For we are all humans :fist:


I joined a WhatsApp group , and was there for a While and then left it cause of unnecessary arguments like such. Who was the admin of the group, perhaps it was the same group that I was in too.


There was one such group which I recall “nofap 180 days challenge” I thought that it was a more reliable approach but I didn’t know that some hatemongers are also there.

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I talked you personally. What do you think ? Do I hate muslims ?

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To answer your question let me tell you one thing it a question which I asked because I experienced those things
Let me ask you a question
Do I look like a fool who come in this forum and start to write this without any thing

As for.your question concerned you never seem to be


I never hated any Religion because of Some humans the whole religion cannot be blame those who is wrong is wrong there is nothing to do with there religion if someone right then he is right. Some People often drag religion in their talk they blame all of their shit on religion they say it’s religion doing but the thing is they just don’t want to accept that they are wrong there is nothing to do with Religions it’s there own deeds.