The Last Badge Challenge

My goal is to get the last badge on here I see no one has achieved that goal. So unless I get married between now thats is my goal with me?


Just a question. :Does companionship with another partner count as relapse?

Note: I have not relapsed, I´m thinking of the future. I´m actually doing nofap for life.

If you are doing NO PMO then it is a relapse but if you are doing only No PM then it not considered as a relapse.

As, @d67138 is very close to complete 775days of No PMO. So he may become the first person to achieve that 1000days badge. But you can still try. Even I want to become the first person to achieve that badge but he is way forward then me. So that might not be possible.

Anyway, do you wanna become my companion??
My current streak is 18days
My highest streak is 39 days
My sharing code is : vt9fry

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Well I hope to be alive to reach the 1000! The first year I was also checking for the badges to motivate me, but after a while I stopped checking the app, that was when I knew that I wasn’t fighting anymore, I was living a normal life. My key in the beginning was putting all the damages that PMO caused in me, mentally and physically, no focus, losing hair, single for years, and the most important: Time. I calculated all the time I spent on that, and was crazy, because was not only hours, days, months, it was missed opportunities


If you’re interested in my experience here it’s where I started:
"After 13 years of porn addiction (12-25) I made it, I reach 190 days in a row, something that’s seemed impossible at the beginning. And I guess it’s my longest strike. Yes, the first 2 months are hell, you’re going to suffer because your body, your brain, it’s going to ask all the dopamine you gave it in the past. It take time to your system to rebuild.You need to investigate the effect that masturbation addiction makes on your brain, it’s terrible, like cocaine or worst, because it’s free and all the time available. that was one of the reasons that helps me to quit, to see how this addiction broke me, it destroyed my brain, I can’t get focus on anything, I lost lots of hair, etc, my hormones were a mess.
You need to focus on the bad effects, to make a good recovery and not to start again and again.

After the second or third month, you are going to stop thinking in sex all the time, the urges are going to dissappear, it’s crazy, from one week to another youre going to live a new life, and forget that in one time you needed to masturbate 1 or 2 times a day. Its possible, if I made it, you can, it’s not easy, I’ve very poor mental will and now it’s seems really weird to look in the past on how I was. Of course you need to change habits, not to be alone all day, exercise more (most important, for the health of your mind, just run), delete all things that makes you fall, contacts, webs, apps, burn all the bridges, the time is now.

I haven’t see superpowers in me, but now I’m more confident, I’m not tired when I do sports, and yes girls look at you different, it’s hormonal things. A looser masturbates to avoid life, his problems. A man, a woman, they confronts frustrations, they’re adults, you become an adult. Sorry for my english, I hope to be useful to inspire you to start today the new you that you want to be. It gonna be really hard, but the reward it’s awesome.
Good luck"