The key to success is to focus on goals ,not on obstacles ✅✅

[age- 18 gender- male ] samurai’s diary
98 days completed . only 2 days left for complete my new 100 days target .
very happy and excited to achieve these goal :blush::blush:. at this streak all urges are reduce and improve mental health also . mind is reprogram due to no fap journey . thanks to this app and all rewire companions .
my sharing code – wof882 if anyone wants to add me as companion :smile::smile:


99 days completed :smile::smile::v:
only one day left for my 100 days target
i feel very happy and excited to achieve my goal
during this no fap journey , i learn one great thing
never give up , always bounce back i fail on 16 days two times . i was very sad after this but then i analyse my mistakes and i improved it
and now i complete 99 days .so stay strong !!
( my sharing code-- wof882) fight together in this journey :blush::blush:.


always work harder ,keep patience and then goal also achieve​:fire::fire::fire:


2 hours remaining for complete 106 days of no fap
Now it is easy , no more urges ( very small )
porn is out of my life .
I did’t watch porn after started no fap
all the best to all new guys on this app for their no fap journey :+1::+1:

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