The Hero's 90 Day Challenge!

Thanks for sharing brother, this post might be triggering to some though. Be careful in the future.

@ncubeanelem Great job - keep up the practice!


I have edited and removed the triggers.

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Oh ! Sure brother… tell me.

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5 October 2019

My daily check-in :

*affirmation - i am a social person
*I’m thankful for my lovely daughter *

  • Report of the day - Another clean day
  • the number of urges defeated = 1 . I was tempted in morning to do sex but i resisted and went out of bedroom.
    practise done.
  • Diary : i have to survive just today… because we have only the present moment with us. Dont think about past & future. Just do nofap Today.


This group is helping me a lot. Thanks again for creating it. @Forerunner

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God is the beneficent. He is the most merciful. He will forgive you for any sin you commit if you truly repent to him. He is the creator of everything. He is the dominant. He is the most holy. You may want to listen to this video:



@Sahas That’s great to hear brother! Lovely reflection - all we have is the present moment.

How many times did you practice?

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1 time practised. The vision method.

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6 October 2019

My daily check-in :

*affirmation - *i am confident *
*I’m thankful for my breaths *

  • Report of the day - Another clean day
  • the number of urges defeated = 0.
    practise done.
  • Diary : I had severe anxiety yesterday and i overcame it without relapsing. Now, i am going strong. One step at a time.

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Rise up again, hero @ncubeanelem! You can do this brother!

Re-commit to your strong reasons and make a new start. Let’s work together and beat your highest streak this time!

What happened that made you lose focus?


7 October 2019

My daily check-in :

*affirmation - *i can walk *
*I’m thankful for my life *

  • Report of the day - Another clean day
  • the number of urges defeated = 1. Thumbnails are Triggers but we should make it a habit of saying No each time to these thumbnails.
    practise done.
  • Diary : i am feeling the benefits… life is improving slowly and steadily.



Attacked by the PMO dragon on the 3rd day of the Hero’s 90 Day Challenge (streak of 17 days)

My apologies for not checking in earlier as I was too ashamed to face you all. Thanks for the support brother @Forerunner. I really need it at this point in time. As to what made me lose focus, I have no good reason at all. It seems the transition from Sunday to Monday (Sunday evening) is one of the times I feel loneliest and weakest. I realize that I also need to work on my routine to ensure I do useful activities everyday, like reading.

Thank you for motivating me to rise up. I am ready to re-commit to my strong reasons and beat my highest streak this time. How should I re-commit?


I understand brother. Thank you for having the courage to return. Remember that you’re not alone on this journey. Feel free to reach out here with a post here, or message me on WhatsApp.

That evening will definitely be a time when you’ll want to engage in a positive activity that elevates your mood, and have some increased connection to others.

Re-confirm that you’ve read and agreed to the rules of the challenge. You can do this brother, no doubt about it.



I haven’t done this kind of stuff for a long time in the forum, i am talking about motivating & uplifting people. Helping them to Rise Again.
So, Here i go again

For this moment i am @ncubeanelem
Yesterday i Relapsed. My 17 days struggle… gone.wasted. I have to go again through the same circle. 17 days of struggle again.
So, i get sad & depressed… Because i slipped from the high and fallen again in deep valleys where i was hurt & wounded. Big stones fallen on my chest… its so heavy… i cant stand… blood comes out… i cried… i cried not because of the injury but seeing the great heights of the mountain which i have to climb. Again.

This is not the first time… thousands of time … i tried to climb … Sometimes i fall from greater heights… Sometimes from little heights but i end up on the same place from where i had started.
My legs are trembling with fear … i think i cant do it…

When @ncubeanelem was thinking all this… not far away a man named Resurgent who was just 14 steps higher watched him and said," My dear friend, You are not alone … there are many people who are in this valley and are trying to scale the mountain. Lets have a chat about this"

Resurgent, " Brother Forget about the Past … And dont worry about the Future. We have only got this present moment.
Today, We both are standing in this valley. This is the truth. This is our present moment. Now, From here we can take one step down Or one step Upwards but Remember We can only Walk one step at a time.

Think of only this step. This present moment. Only one step… One step climb …
Dont be scared of the heights. Just Start the Climb.

Always keep present moment in your mind. How can i climb one step, Today. Dont think of past failures. Dont think of Tomorrow climb. Just focus on this present moment. How can i add this Day to my counter. How can i take this one step forward. Just one step.

Climb with this mindset and one day we will reach to the top of the mountain where there is no more struggle and pain.
Where You will get what you were hoping for … and more… which you would had never thought of… bliss beyond imagination. From there there is no fall. When you will drink from the fountains of Eternal heaven… Your thrist will be quenched once and for all.
You will find answers to your all questions.
That day… Your life purpose will reach its climax.
You will meet with your Beloved. Flowers all around. Happiness, Joy… Peace… God… everything & more.


8 October 2019

My daily check-in :

*affirmation - *i can help people *
*I’m thankful for this present moment *

  • Report of the day - Another clean day
  • the number of urges defeated = 1. Wanted to listen to some good song. Opened ganna app… Triggers… sexy girls wearing short clothes… Thumbnails… tempted to watch their song video. Resisted some how… Stayed in present moment and Choose the right option… that is not feeding the Bad Wolf.
    practise done.
  • Diary : Yesterday i had quarrel with my wife and in just few seconds the sexual energy combined with anger and created Hell for me. I cant let this kind of transmutation again in my life. I want it Only in meditation, love, creativity & physical Excercise; sports.


Thank you for your support @Forerunner, @Sahas, and my other brothers following this challenge. I shall now rise up and again, bind myself to the challenge’s commitments. I re-commit to my strong reasons for staying free & clean.

Current Streak: 0 days
Highest Streak: 34 days
Age: 24 years
Gender: male
Country: Zimbabwe
Sharing Code: 8beeb4

I have read and agreed to commit to the rules of the challenge.

5 Powerful Reasons Why I Never Want To Relapse

  1. No more shame.
  2. No more lying to myself.
  3. No more mediocrity.
  4. No more corrupting my mind.
  5. No more numbness.

5 Powerful Reasons Why I Need To Stay Free and Clean

  1. Self-confidence from now on.
  2. True happiness from now on.
  3. Mental and physical health from now on:.
  4. Time for resilience and vision.
  5. Motivation from now on.

Vision of my life within 60 – 90 Days of noPMO.

After so many years of being addicted and failed attempts to quit, I will feel the happiest I’ve been to be finally freeing myself of the tight grip of addiction. All the shame and pain will be far behind me, and PMO will have absolutely no power over me.


@Sahas, I’m so grateful for this powerful encouragement. Now I know I am not climbing this mountain alone, I have brothers who are further up on the mountain who are familiar with the difficulty of leaving the depths of this valley, but know that it is possible to do it with consistent resilience.

I shall always remember this everyday when I wake up: to leave the baggage of my past failure and to bear only the challenges of the present day.

And this refreshing picture that you have painted will be the vision I conjure up in my head each time I practice the urge-overcoming method. It is filled with enough positive power to dispel any demotivation I will experience in the days of this challenge that follow.


Current Streak:0
Highest Streak:29
Sharing Code: y171tc

I have heard of nofap, and have been attempting it for a few months now. I have never posted anything on any forums before, and I’m hoping that doing so will give me the drive to finally reach 90 days. I have just relapsed after my longest steak of 29 days and during that streak i was the best version of me i have ever been.


  1. Reduce social anxiety
  2. Have less regrets
  3. Become the best version of me i can be
  4. More energy
  5. More confidence
  6. Feel more varied emotions
  7. Know myself better
  8. Reduce stress and overthinking
  9. Be physically and mentally stronger
  10. Become happier with myself

@Sahas That was beautiful!

@ncubeanelem Good to see your spirit returning brother! Let’s climb this mountain one day at a time!