The greatest ever- The final frontier's diary

Day 1 (12.06.2020)
I hate porn. I hate masturbation. I won’t fap today. As I said if I fap, I will post my personal picture on this group and also ruin my career by posting it on LinkedIn.

DAY 1 : I WONT FAP TODAY. PERIOD. I HATE THE IDEA OF PMO. Will update in the evening.


@TheFinalFrontier, I believe you are in a do or die situation now. This is the mindset that I use. Some of our other companions also use this. As you’ve made such promises especially in public you have no choice for going back.

you simply can’t.

I have experience buddy. With this mindset you’ll conquer this addiction once and for all.
But work on yourself. Improve yourself daily. Meditate, exercise. Imporvement is a must to stay on track.

Improvement+ discipline+ do or die attitude+ purpose= success in nofap


Day 1 12.06.2020 :

Evening. I did masturbate / think sirry thiughts today. I am proud of myself.

If I fapped I Would have To Share my real Pic on The group And Post IT on LinkedIn as Well.

IT IS IMPORTANT for me To never fap again to realize my fullest Potential in Life.
I didnt !! I am Happy.


Day 2 (13th June 2020) :
Hi. Good morning. This is To publically declare That I am someone who is a Strong practitioner or semen Retention And have Taken a vow To never Release semen with my own hands ( with a Woman ist allowed).
If I masturbate today I will Post my real Picture on this Forum And also Share The Post on LinkedIn. I AM SOMEONE WHO DOESNT MASTURBATE AND WILL NOT DO IT TODAY. THIS IS NOT EVEN AN OPTION ! I WILL UPDATE in The evening That i Stuck with the habit


Keep going man. You are in a do or die situation now. You have only 1 option now- success. As Socrates said: When you want success as bad as you want to breath then you’ll succed!


Day 2 Evening (13th June 2020)

I did not fap today. Because I hate The idea of masturbation, When I think about Masturbation it gives me disgust. Such a Shitty Thing to do. IT Makes me feel like vomiting. Imagine random people Rating their shit in a Bowl. That’s how it feels when i think about Masturbation. I hate it.

So i did not do it today. And i am proud of myself.

Also I talked to women socially today. So i am progressing on my Journey of becoming a social Charismatic Guy That women find irresistable. Little steps to Be my greatest Version.


Day 3 morning (14.06.2020)

Did I tell you That I hate porn, And masturbation. Every cell of my Body hates it. And by th way, I wont fap today ss Well because IT IS The most disgusting Thing ever. Also, if I do, I would Post my real Picture on this Forum And also Share that Post on LinkedIn. This is my ANNOUNCEMENT Not for once. But fpr every single Day. To ensure That I do not Fall. Even when I am a man with a Woman And a Family of my own, I will Keep tje Routine. I am retainer. I Don’t spill my seed unnecessarily. With a Woman its allowed obviously. But also conscious awareness is required.


Day 3 Evening (14.06.2020)

Good Night Guys.

I need to Tell you That I did Not masturbate today.
I am proud of myself. By The way I forgot to Tell you That I Really hate porn And masturbation. If anything, it disgusts me to The core.


Day 4 morning 15062020 :slight_smile:
Guess what ? U wouldnt fap today. Why ? Because Inhalte The idea of masturbation. This is The shittiest Thing a man can ever do. It’s purwly disgusting. When i think of porn or naked women in the Screens or masturbating, what comes to my mind is old men Rating a Plate füll of Shit And running IT on their Face. Sorry for The graphic. But this is what I feel PMO Actually is. IT IS Shit. By the way, if at all there was a possobility of me fapping, i would post my real credentials Here And also Share IT on LinkedIn ruininf my career. But tjetr is No Point. I hate Pmo. Have a nice Day.


Day 4 Evening 15062020

Listen Guys. I have to tell you once more that I DID NOT fap today. And be prepared to hear the Same Thing e ery single morning and every single night !! Because fapping is for losers. For motherfucking losers. And I am Not a loser. I am a Champ. I am capable of greatness. Yes, I am. I am great. I have overcome very serious Problems in life. My Depression, social anxiety, severe urges and flatlines. Everything. I am proud of who i have become. But let me Tell you. Its not over yet. I am still not fully made. I havent realized my fullest Potential. My fullest potential will ne reached when I will be great at my field, When I will be financially free, When I will have Body of Chris Evans and When I will be so charismatic that hot Models fall for me.

And i can Only achieve These Dreams If I do Not fap ever.


Day 5 morning (16062020)

Hi Guys ! What is Masturbation ? I Don’t know. Never Heard of it. And since I Don’t know what it is, needless to Say I wont do it. If I DID, It’s still valid That I Post my real Picture Here And also Ruin my career by Posting Everything on LinkedIn. And my Personal Business brand attempt would be gone forever, my Job will be gone, i wont Be able to Feed my Family. My Family. Yes there are Looking Up to me. My Younger Brother needs to have me as a Role Model. I cannot Set a Bad Example. And yes, I wont Get a Girl If I fapped. Honestly yes, I do have erectile Dysfunktion. So it Actually is a do or die Situation. I am focussed !!

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You are on real fire man. I love reading your posts. This motivates me too. Keep going. Everyday remind yourself how fucked up and dangerous PMO is. You’ll win. Iam 100% sure.


Dude I think you are doing too much. It’s okay to be serious but ruining your career?

You mentioned you have a job. So if you really want to punish yourself, why don’t you donate to Rewire Companion when you relapse?

The maximum donation is around 50 dollars or 3500 Indian rupees. So you can go for it.

In this way, you can also realise how important your money is. And since you have a family, if you keep on relapsing, ultimately you would be starving your family indirectly. So , I guess that you can’t afford that.

Isn’t it a good idea?


PMO is fucked up. I am flatlining a bit. But I will Go through this Shit. No Option !

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I Don’t have a Job. I have an Internship which I referred to as work


So you get pocket money from home right?
So use it.

I don’t recommend it but since you are so serious about it. So…


@anon98741803 Why are you eagerly trying to make me spend Money. Are you from the ReWire management
? By the way I have already done it before. That’s right. i have made a Donation in the past !! And its not about tje Money. Thanks for Your Suggestion.

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No brother

Because I cannot see you ruin your career for such a meaningless issue.

See, we do NOFAP here to build our career NOT ruin our career.

Don’t fight PMO. Have a dream in life .Try to achieve it. Since you have 24 hours, if you focus your energy in productive activities, your dream automatically the time you spend on unproductive activities, PMO will decrease.


Thanks man. Howeber I have to do it at this Stage.


And yes I am trying to be productive. :slight_smile: But thata a very sensible tip