The goal is 90 days

Be strong. Do not condemn youreself. As we say, nofap is long journey to recover your brain and life. Never surrender buddy.


Yeah man that’s what I’m saying! I’m seeing this as a simple setback. Gettin back at it from 3 hours ago. Feeling a little sick, but that’s expected. I got this! Gas gas let’s goooo!!

Day 2 Check in :white_check_mark:
you know? It is too EASY!!!
Keep strong soldiers

No one here?
Check in 3 days :white_check_mark:
And I started reading a book. That is good. I stopped to distroy myself but I build myself great. Look at it ! :fire::fire::fire:

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Can we work together for this goal



Glad to see 2 days is easy for you. I struggle with this much every 2 days.

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Of cource you can! No meed to hesitate.

4days Check in​:white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
I sometimes feel an urge but no hard to deal with. Train keeps going.

5days check in✅ No one is here without me? I will finally make my day 90days.

6 days check in , Being productive

7 days check in. Not gonna give up

Hey I’m here! I relapsed today, but I’m ready to go. Fought some urges already. I’ll check in with you now.

Sorry for late reply bro…
I’m in 20days now, can’t believe this is real happening
feeling so energetic, motivated and confident…

Aa jao karte hai competition , lala ladai lambi jaygi

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Day 5 currently.

Will join you.

We will complete 90 days.

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8 days check in :white_check_mark:
I felt some urges during these days.
The point is Just agree you feel urges an let them go
Do not stand against the urge. 5 minutes later, It would be flushed out from your mind.

Let us take our life back against PMO

10 days check in :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

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Day 58 here… little late to the party but just letting you all know, it’s completely possible, and just one day at a time. The urges wilk subside and the meaningful engagements will be refreshing.

Keep fighting the good fight!

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I know you can do better @ChristianMan the question is who are you going to inspire to do better?