The gauntlet of manliness

I believe that being a chronic masterbator for 20years…I’m 29 now has pervented me from competing against other men for the grand prize.

Being top of the dominance hierarchy

So to all of you, your all now my nemesis;the Gary to my Ash. My goal is to excell where all of you have failed.

Not fapping allows you to compete in the dominance hierarchy. lets go real hard mode and sort out your life.

no fap
no smoking
Lost 6 lbs
Got a new job which pays 5$ more
Aplying for my learners liciense
Finishing my degree after a 5 year hiatus
Doing Jordan petersons selfauthoring program
Contronting my dragons
Bought 12 rules to life
Doing a comedy set this Saturday.

Anyone want to take me on?

Don’t just nofap, let’s change the world with our boners


What’s up homeboy! Look no more.
I’m 25 and and a chronic masturbator for the last 16 years. I’ve never missed a gym session from last month (8 February 2018 to be precise) and studying hard to get my dream job.

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My man!
Start powerlifting
Lookup starting Strength on youtube
Squat deep and kick some ass

Dont give no guff to them swine

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I was doing some cardio and just started that book by Mark Rippetoe. Dumbbells from now on.

My man!
Follow the channel and podcast if you get lost.
Eat big and get your technique right
If you do it right, youll get your squat up to the 300sx5 in 3-6 months.

The best way to put on gains in my POV.

Unconditional of your job, what i realise is that our free time is the most critical.

Mine is from 4-11pm. Mon to Fridays.

According to how i spend those 7 hours is how i climb that ladder.

Those hours accumulate to your future and every action adds up.

Prawn, yt and viddiya games give immediate gratification over future promise.

Spend your time meaningfully = not jerking your time around.

What i love about NF is how supercharged and ultra creative i get.

Take no prisoners

Let god sort out his own

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Oh and msg me if you need help, im a trainer/powerlifter

Sure man! I’m gonna stick to my schedule and won’t fool around anymore. Cheers!

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