The End Game 😭(The Final War)

Guys how u doin hope ur count and journey may be at its pinnacle .
Guys I just relapsed
I am a guy from India . First I was just a masturbation addict n I was able to make Journey of 18days (highest) but now I ve transformed into a porn addict which has destroyed my control . 23 Feb m about to give one of the most difficult exams in the world . I thought I will begun at 1st feb n due to exams pressure n interest of scoring good marks I would make it to 21 days but it did not happened. My Family supports me in my every decision , My Girlfriend supports me in everything. But this support is getting into vain due to this . but I’ve promised to complete this journey at any cost.
EASE HELP ME GIYS THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE I HAVE :sob::sob::sob::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Man, you are cool, I could record 15 days, but you have 18 days


Keep on fighting man and don’t give up


Don’t stress about the relapse… Everyone has relapsed. Just don’t be hard on yourself. Now, just focus on your exam. You can quit this habit after the exam. If you relapse again, it’s alright.

Now don’t start binge watching porn.

Just forget about porn and focus on your exams. If you happen to be tempted to watch porn, just think you will waste precious time and energy that your study deserves. But if you relapse, just don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, take a shower, eat food and get energized, and then start studying. Focus on exams and forget about porn.

At this time, don’t binge watch porn, and dont try to use all your willpower on quitting this addiction. Just FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES.
Get awesome marks in the exams and then you will have all the energy and time to quit this PMO.


I’m not saying that watch porn… I am saying forget about porn but if you relapse, don’t worry.

Your main goal now is exams and not quitting PMO. But don’t binge watch porn. Just STUDY