The effects of looking

Hi everyone!

I am curious about the effects of only watching(including any kind of erotic stuff).
I know that watching p leads to relapse. This is not what I want to know. What I really want to know is how the brain actually reacts to what it sees. Even in a biological, chemical way.
I’m curious because I would like to have a deeper understanding of what can delay my rewireing.
For example if I don’t watch p, but I go to a beach where of course are many beautiful girls around. Can it effect my brain in a way to make the time of rewire longer? This example is quite simplified and might be stupid, but you might see my point.
The reason why I ask is because in my close surrounding(workplace, friends), there are quite many beautiful girls and some of them dress even in a quite tempting manner(due to summer weather). So I’m not sure if looking at such tempting beauties might effect my steps ahead. Or looking is only effect in a way that we get tempted to relapse.

TLDR version:
Does looking only brings temptation to relapse or it has a biological effect that can delay the rewire time as well?

Thank you for answering!


Looking like that does hamper your progress. It will keep your intensity of lust alive constantly.
What you want is that your intensity of lust drops down. With that your brain recovers.

I would say go for a complete reboot first. for some people that’s 90days. Even after a reboot if you practice looking with lust enough times you can fall back to your old self. So, you can see how bad it is.

And your enviroment that case happens with other people as well. You have to train your mind about that. Someone had a very good technique about looking. I will send it to you if i can dig it up. Use it if it helps you.

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I think looking at real girls is better because after a while you get tired of looking and you will go to start talking to them. Looking at porn it’s pure damage for everything .

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When we say to ourselves that “im just gonna watch a few minutes to ease the urges.”, thats one big bulls#hit we have always made.

You were giving up yourself to the enemy, it is just the matter of time, and you will be executed.
There is no such thing as “Just a quick peek, i won’t masturbate.” and yet you always end up in regret and self hate.
Just dont ever give your self a chance to look.
You can do it. Bros


@ERNOL, I do the 90 days challenge. I’m past 21 days. This is why I said there are situations I can not avoid. Like going to work or I am not planning to avoid my friends just to not see some of them, because they are nice girls with good features. So I wanted to know how these can effect my progress.

@ChengMaw sorry man, but when I wrote “I know that watching p leads to relapse. This is not what I want to know.” is what I especially meant. You exactly went to the topic I tried to avoid. I don’t want this to turn into another motivation post. There is a lot of post for that.

So for real, try not to look in an emotional way on the question, but as a biological one.
Does the brain has chemical reaction, when you see good looking woman, that can hamper, interfere with the progress of your rewire?

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@Duran oh im so sorry man, i got you…

Its all about dopamine rush and reward center, porn is strong addictive drug, when you look at something that pleases your eyes and feeling. It sends signal to your brain, and tell the reward center to release this pleasure hormone “dopamine” to all your physical body, this mechanism eventually develop into a habit which the brain will craving for more in order to make you feel good.

I cant tell you much because we are in the same boat, you can do some research on google for better understanding.


Looking or checking out a female is not bad cause its completely normal to find someone atractive but lust is bad and when you lust for someone you start fantasizing about them and Imagining unrealistic stories where you indulge in some sexual act with that person without knowing them in person just cause they look sexy this is bad this should be avoided and if you start lusting for someone keep calm and promise yourself you’ll convert that emotional energy into something productive rather waste it and if your single instead of lusting for the female go talk to her get to know her girls are a lot more then physical attributes she might be beautiful and a great person to be with as well use the drive to create something real with the female rather something imaginary.


@Duran i am not telling that you should stop interacting with females. I am telling that in interacting with women you should make sure that it doesn’t hamper your progress.
Your progress can hamper depending on how you look at them and what you think about them.