The Diary of Emperor Tigris (Day 0)

I started on the 1st December.

It’s been 0 days.

I feel bad. Relapsed after almost a month.

For anyone that wants to track me: 9512da


.male…22 yrs. From.india…wanna have a competition…my code 925a61…my longest streak has been of 24 days…whats urs.??

I think it was 6 month when I was 18. I’m 22 now and it has been 19 days.

Awesome…i would like to go this far…the experience must have been amazing…me too 22 yrs old

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Much success man. Just remind yourself that a life without fapping is a greater life.

Its been 22 days. I’m still going!

Just relapsed…

I feel horrible.

Don’t let a small mistake get you away from your goal.
Remember, there is no such a thing as an easy and perfect fight. Everybody has to make mistakes in order to learn from them.
Keep it up and have a nice day!