The diary of Cubenix

Hey Guys as promised I have told you I will bring out a diary…

Well wait no longer I have been a bit busy these few days and a lot has gone on in these past few days.

Well I am hoping that a new topic I created will feature soon and that it will be loads of fun and filled with adventure and support.

Well you are gonna wait and see as I don’t know when either of the topic will feature. Or maybe I will might be late with the diary. Feature times are a bit unclear.

So as I mentioned in my starting topic. I am gonna do a daily diary and well here it is. After this hectic weekend and much stress and mindfog setting in. It finally cleared after much deliberation and thought in processing the move.

I ain’t gonna relapse no more. I am gonna keep it going till I really can’t no more. I am just gonna tweek my reality so it measures in what habits I wanna incorporate in this journey and I want you guys in the loop in some day to day post, sort of a day in the life of Cubenix kinda thing.

And any comment in ideas on doing this different is welcome, motivation or the need for discussing something is also there please feel free to do so!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Today marks day 99 on this journey.

I haven’t been checking my counter this much, but since day 85 I got quite excited to reach day 100. And well today marks a special occasion. First 100 tomorrow!! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

With all that is going on looking for escape and all that jazz on the nofap world on how far I came. I am surely a fool and also selfish to stop myself now.

So from today adding new things to the to do list.

So this will be day 1 in extra habits and I will expand on it in a later post!

Thanks for the read and support and good luck stay strong and awesome!!!

Today marks day 100!

The darkness is fading and I feel good today.

Right so you guys were probably wondering what the hec is going on what new habits have I been up to.

  1. Well I have launched the new challenge for extra motivation in exercise so we can boost each other. ( This will my habit in helping the community)

  2. Incorporating more prayer time

  3. Gotten involved in the next challenge after I completed “Master of hard mode”.

  4. Learning new skills and study deeper in my line of work.

  5. Also started to improve my German as well, because I am sadly getting a little rusty in it.

So there you guys have it and yesterday was a good day a good start.

Today I am very happy as I reached day 100 and my new topic has featured and also the new habits have made a good impact! :grinning:

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!

Hey guys,

I wanna firstly thank you all for the read and well I hope you enjoy the content I am posting.

Today will mark day 3 in my new hobbies and I am feeling great on starting this now. After all that down in the dumps and self pity these new habits are working out nicely so far, even if it is going hectic somedays.

But I wanna focus on going forward not running back and hope I’ll get there one day. No I am gonna inforce this into a more positive light to escape the dark!

I hope you guys are doing well and staying strong?

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

:joy::rofl: Hey guys Friday the 13th is here…

Well, I am skipping it as my Friday the 13th was last weekend. I can’t believe it is a week already time is flying by so quickly.

Anyways doing great so far today. I gonna update the challenge soon please check it out. Let’s get the party started! Enjoy your day!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

The weekend flew by so fast. Man, sorry I left you guys in the dark bout the weekend. There was a lot to do so little time. Some habits slipped yesterday, but it was well needed rest!

I am feeling good today and I can say this past few days was super productive. Although I and wishing like crazy that my new challenge topic would pickup a bit to be honest. Not that I am gonna be sad or jealous about it I was just thinking it is an awesome idea and expected more for all that I am doing.

But not backing down I will carry on and be strong! See you guys soon with a new look and new life!

Hey guys I don’t really have much too say. Thanks for the read and time

Hey guys I am back. I know I said I would update daily and try to give you a day in the life of Cubenix, but I have failed to do so.

It was for the good as I had refocused again. Also I was a bit under the weather this past week. So I stopped all my habits as I focused on recuperating and also had time to just ease some of the stress of these coming days.

As we face the Corona virus( Covid 19), I just wanna take a moment and say thanks to all the medical teams around the globe that’s in the frontline of fighting the virus. I also wanna give my condolences to those that might have lost a relative due to this virus.

Lastly I pray that God will keep us safe and give thanks to Him for keeping us safe and also to be with those who fights this virus as well as those who are ill because of it.

Thanks for the read. Good luck stay strong safe and awesome!