The Brahmacharya Group

Hey Everyone,

This thread shall be used for all spiritual and mental advancements that are achieved on the deeper level of NoFap.

Such as inner alchemy, transmutation, meditation, dreaming, sadhana, achievements of wisdom, existential inquiries and so forth.

Are there any yogis, gnostic practitioners and mystics amongst you? No matter what religion/path you may have as your chosen.


Count me in, i am from india lc9bve

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I’m intrigued by concept of ऊर्ध्व-रेतस Udharv-Retas (flow of semen energy upwards to flame the mind) but don’t know how to practice it and can it be applied in sex life as well ?

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That is indeed a very fascinating metaphysics. In my Tantra school that I’m part of for 4 years now it is gradually achieved through years of Hatha-Yoga, meditations into the depth of our deeper structures, physical exercises for the mucles in the pelvic area, and of course love-making with extending the sexual energies up the spine without orgasms.
There is a lot of background knowledge needed and of course years of determination. But I can say that somehow our neural structure can be modulated. We are born with a nervous system that rejects the life-force-energies from Muladhara out of Svadhistana in order to create physical life, but if you have reached a certain level of awareness you can literally “rewire” (like the name of the app says) your neurons to transmit the energies up the sushumna into your brain.
So during love-making you never get across the so called point of no return and constantly block the rejection out of the genitals, so the energy keeps circulating in the system. Once you are incredibly loaded, you STOP the sex session and do at least an hour of yoga, pranayama, meditations and so on. That is called transmutation. Once the ernergies are refined into Ojas, you do other specific practices to move them up to your brain and higher chakras, this is called sublimation.


Plz add me in your group also!!

Amazing concept, very fascinating!
I just started into my sex life and masturbation caused me ED and this is something I want to practice. But it seems not possible to find such an school. Anyways, thanks for info. I will keep digging into this.

Can you please help me how learn and practice all those you mentioned above,any books/ vedio or training course etc. Please help.

I am interested too, please add me to the group

Hey… I am in too… Really interested in the concept…??