The black book - Barbatos journal


This is my journal. Its goal is to help me reach 90 days. For that purpose I will check-in daily before I go to sleep. Also, it will be a place of refuge whenever I’m struggling to continue my streak.


That’s a great goal man


Day 1 - The end of the day brings closure.


Day 2 - … All good👍


Day 3 - Nothing to report. Working, reading, gaming. Life is good :+1:


Day 4 - Done. All fine and dandy.


Couldn’t check in yesterday… - Day 5


You can do this man… keep rising.


Thanks man. United we stand. Devided we fall!


Day 6 - The world is a marvelous gem


Day 7 - One week is down. However, I will count in badges.


Day 8 - Keeping it going



Fight fight fight!


Day 9 - Thanks man. I was to tired to check in yesterday but here I am :slight_smile: As you know, once a person has started this journey there is no turning back. We might fall from time to time but we can never fully slip back into the state of mind that accepts ourself dwelling in vices. Personally I think rewiring and nofap are an expression of a much older human desire. Namely the way of the sages who wanted to rise above the mundane. We are the tamers of dragons and demons. We make whole what has been broken.

I’m using this app since a year now (with the average streak getting longer) and I noticed that the “Benefits” are gone. I no longer feel elevated by nofap. I’m not sad about this, actually I’m very happy. It means that this mindset has become my new normal. Now, it’s time to leave the old path once and for all.


Day 10 - Finally I again regained knighthood. It just feels better having your sword and shield by your side.
Personally I can recommend gaming as a way to get your mind off. People might say it is just another way of procrastination but who are they to judge. Of course it’s better to peruse something creative but creativity can’t be forced. Sometimes after a day of hard labor you might not be in the mood or just simply too tired for that. Creativity is like a battery that you charge with experiences. Pass the time with what you perceive as a fun activity and enjoy it. After all everything is better than relapsing. Each day counts… Heck, each hour does.

So far… 1/9 of the challenge has been completed.


Day 11 - … completed!


Day 12 - all good. Hope everybody is doing fine as well.


Day 13 - trying to be the best man I can.


Day 14 - I couldn’t do what needs to be done if I would still be drowned in vices. Rise my brother’s and sisters.


Day 15 - Becoming a chancellor goes way to easy :wink: Life is hard and unforgiving. A lot of people tend to relapse when it becomes unbearable but what most people don’t want to see is that not being trapped in your own circle of sorrow makes it easier to deal with it.

So far… 1/6 of the challenge has been completed.