The Bet Challenge Game 🎮

The Bet :moneybag: Challenge :handshake: Game :video_game:

Came again,…
Hurray!! :man_dancing:

Here you bet your coins if someone will relapse within the bet days. He loose the coins & winner gets the bet coins. Now you may think Why would I bet someone will
to fall? wouldn’t that be an incentive for the person to relapse? I think the exact opposite, how many of us have done something just because someone said we can’t? the purpose of the game is for the person to feel challenged and motivated to get a good streak and I thought of a coin system to further stimulate of the game.

I planned it for 15 days, in case the game goes well then I’ll make changes & make it more fascinating.


Learn the Game

  • The Rules >

All participants start with 30 coins and 0 current streak, “you acquire a coin for each successful PMO day”, the higher your current streak the more coins you will earn per day. With these coins you can bet if a player will relapse in the next few days (described in the bet system) and if he fails… You get some of his bet coins, & opponent loose his bet coins+ streak coins+ bonus coins(if he received).
if he doesn’t fail/relapse or match draw then no one loose their coins.

You can only bet if you and the participant you bet have the enough number of coins. if you relapse you lose coins(bet+streak+bonus) and If you get a coin number below 0 (by relapsing) you lose the game and you’re out.

  • Participant Indicators >

Every participant has the following indicators:
Current streak: the days you are without relapse, you’ve start with 0 days in the game.

Max streak: the best current streak you can achieve

Coins: you start with 30 coins and can win or lose coins and even you loose (bet +streak+ bonus) coins if you relapse.

Bet coins: the coins that are currently on a bet, you can’t use them until the bet is over/match draw.

  • Coins system >

You start with 30 coins in the game and win coins within days determined by your current streak:

Current streak = coins
1-3 days: you win 3 coins
3-5 days: you win 4 coins
5-7 days: you win 6 coins
7-10 days: you win 7 coins
10-15 days: you win 10 coins

Bonus coins:(T&C)
Get current streak of 7 days: 17 coins
Get current streak of 15 days: 30 coins

  • These coins will transfer to your account on 3rd,5th,7th,10th & 15th day of your streak & if you won the match before that day then on the same day you get the coins(how much you earned) in your account



if you relapse you loose these streak + bonus coins(if he received) as well as bet coins.

  • Bet system >

Bet 1 day = 5coins, one participant(loose coins) if he will relapse in the next day
Bet 3 days = 7 coins, one participant(loose coins) if he will relapse within 3 days
Bet 5 days = 10 coins, one participant(loose coins) if he will relapse within 5 days
Bet 7 days = 13 coins, one participant(loose coins) if he will relapse within 7 days
Bet 15 days = 15 coins, one participant(loose coins) if he will relapse within 15 days.

  • you can add extra coins to bet if you’ve more :moneybag:


If you loose :-1: : => you will loose {your bet coins + streak+bonus coins} :moneybag: & only bet money will transfer to winners account.

You can bet anyone putting in the Scoreboard below.

Bet amount :moneybag: - (challenge) no. Of days

Share code:>
Xyzabc - @companion name
Abcxyz - @companion name
Coins left :>
30(-) :moneybag: - @companion name
30(-) :moneybag: - @companion name
Current streak:>
(0 days) - @companion name
(0 days) - @companion name

Follow these >

  • search for challenger & challenge him for x no. Of days
  • every 2 participants need to have the number of coins in their account for the bet
  • When you bet, the coins are automatically reserved until the end of the bet and is not possible to use them.(indicator bet coins)
  • You don’t have max number of bets you can make, as long as you have coins you can make as many as you want
  • you can’t challenge the same challenger again, which you lost/win the game. Only in draw match you can do.

If you Win :+1: => you will get your bet coins + Loosers :-1: bet coins. :moneybag: + :moneybag:

Remember: if your coins drop below 0 you lose the game and you’re out. The only way this happen is if you are with low coins and relapse.

The bet coins cannot be used to pay anything until the bet is over, so if you have 0 coins and 30 coins that are currently on stake and relapse, you lose and the player that you are in a bet in progress win the bet

This is my first time Kindly ignore my mistakes or let me know if anything needs to change.




17th November 2020(IST)
(13+13) Bet :moneybag: for 7days(challenge)
Share code:>
elmade - Kaizen
gr605r - Adidas2201
Coins left :>
30-13= 17 :moneybag: - Kaizen
30-13= 17 :moneybag: - Adidas2201
Current streak:>
(3 days) - Kaizen
(3 days) - Adidas2201

( 13+13 ) Bet :moneybag: for 7 days(challenge)
Share code:>
ko8y31 - rewire_user (lost match)
aeo22v - valiant_warrior
Coins left :>*
30- 13 = 17 :moneybag: - rewire_user (lost bet)
30- 13 = 17 :moneybag: - valiant_warrior
Current streak:>
(1 days) - rewire_user (relapsed)
(1 days) - valiant_warrior

( 15+15 ) Bet :moneybag: for 15 days(challenge)
Share code:>
uexqer - Aecius (lost match)
yray22 - udaCisie
Coins left :>*
30- 15 = 15 :moneybag: - Aecius (lost bet)
30- 15 = 15 :moneybag: - udaCisie
Current streak:>
(1 days) - Aecius (relapsed)
(1 days) - udaCisie

18th Nov 2020(IST)
(13+13) Bet :moneybag: for 7days(challenge)
Share code:>
yunsey - Ani2031
gr605r - Adidas2201
Coins left :>
30-13= 17 :moneybag: - Ani2031
17-13= 4 :moneybag: - Adidas2201
Current streak:>
(2 days) - Ani2031
(2 days) - Adidas2201

(10+10) Bet :moneybag: for 5days(challenge)
Share code:>
yunsey - Ani2031
s3qiil - Ruffy (lost match)
Coins left :>
17-10= 7 :moneybag: - Ani2031
30 -10= 20 :moneybag: - Ruffy (lost bet)
Current streak:>
(1 days) - Ani2031
(1 days) - Ruffy (relapsed)

19th Nov 2020(IST)
1. (15+15) Bet :moneybag: for 15days(challenge)
Share code:>
yfgjf6 - Xrl8Sebx17
yray22 - udaCisie
Coins left :>
30-15= 15 :moneybag: - Xrl8Sebx17
46-15=31 :moneybag: - udaCisie
Current streak:>
(1 days) - Xrl8Sebx17
(1 days) - udaCisie

(13+13) Bet :moneybag: for 7days(challenge)
Share code:>
ea1v0q - nofapstar123
aeo22v - valiant_warrior(lost match)
Coins left :>
30-13= 17 :moneybag: - nofapstar123
45-13=32 :moneybag: - valiant_warrior(lostbet)
Current streak:>
(0 days) - nofapstar123
(0 days) - valiant_warrior(relapsed)

if you have any doubt related to Coins Left,… Kindly visit “Bet System” sub heading wrote above the scoreboard.

Coins Left + Coins Earned= Total Coins:-

17th November 2020(IST)
17 + 4(streak)13+13 = 47 :moneybag: - Kaizen
04 + 0 = 04 :moneybag: - Adidas2201
17+ 0(relapsed) = 17 :moneybag: - rewire_user
17+13+13+2{streak}= 46 :moneybag: - valiant_warrior
15+ 0(relapsed)= 15 :moneybag: - Aecius
15+15+15+1(streak) {-15} = 31 :moneybag: - udaCisie

18th Nov 2020(IST)
7+ (10+10)+3(streak)+13+13 = 56 :moneybag: - Ani2031
20+ _ = 20 :moneybag: - Ruffy

19th Nov 2020(IST)
15 + 0 = 15 :moneybag: - Xrl8Sebx17
17 + 13+13+3{streak} = 46 :moneybag: - nofapstar123


I welcome Everyone here:open_hands:

I will be glad if you join this group…
If you like this group… Please like :heart: the page or
give me feedback :thought_balloon: if it needs to improve.


Everyone may have doubt
How to join this group.?
So answer is so simple…

tell me these:- >
Your share code & (name written in companion list)
Whom you want to challenge?
How much amount you put for bet? (Kindly check in Bet system above)
For how many days you challenge opponent?

Your current streak (remember here{we assume} in beginning your current streak will be 0)
You don’t need to reset the counter.


@Adioz_aka_Adidas I want to challenge you for 13 coins.
Do you have what it takes to give up for pmo for at least 7 days?
To be frank I don’t think you can even get past the first 4 days, let alone 7…
Prove me wrong if you can bro, I dare you. :smirk:

tenor (1)


Alright Amigo @Kaizen
Here am i… I will prove you wrong.
Just need your cooperation too.
Kindly share your code.

I will bet 13 coins on you.
Let’s see who will win.

Thanks for starting this challenge.
Kindly check “SCOREBOARD” for more details

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That’s the spirit! :muscle::muscle:
Now prove it with action. :triumph:

Sure! Ask me about anything anytime, I’ll be glad to help out! :blush:

My code is : elmade

No, thanks to you for making this exciting challenge!! :kissing_heart::heart::ok_hand:
Time to defeat y’all and get me some dough :money_mouth_face::dollar::euro::pound::money_mouth_face:


@Kaizen amigo
I think you read all the info written above.

One special thing in this game is if match draw then you’ll get your streak coins+bonus coins(T&C applied) + your bet money you’ll get all back.
If you loose you loose everything (streak coins+ bonus coins + bet coins)
If you won you get only bet coins of opponent & your bet coins +streak coins + bonus coins.

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@Adioz_aka_Adidas I want to join

yray22 my code

Current streak 21h

We need scoreboard to show in one post who has how many coins :smiley:

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You’re right but how I can create this new “SCOREBOARD”? @udaCisie


It should be something like in this topic. It’s a lot of work to actualize each one coins every day @Adidas2201


It’s not per day coin system.
We get in 2-3days some coins once.

On 3rd day we win 3coins
5th day 4 coins
7th day 6 coins +17 coins
10th day 7 coins
15th day 10coins+ 30coins


Whom you want to challenge? @udaCisie
How many days?
Kindly read the bet system info above written.


I want to join this challenge, such an amazing, new and creative idea bro ! @Adioz_aka_Adidas

Sharing code- ko8y31
Current streak- 1 day
Highest streak- 15 days

What else I am suppose to do…?


Woah this challenge sounds soo much fun. Completely unique.
I am joining this


@rewire_user and @valiant_warrior
Why don’t you challenge each other?

Decide how many days (not more than 15days)

Rest I will update
Keep in mind your streak will 0 when you start the challenge.


Sure I am ready for the challenge @rewire_user.
Do you accept it?


My highest streak was of 15 days

So, I want it to be upgraded.
Would you like to have a 21 days challenge with me brother?

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We can’t go for more than 15 days bro

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Let’s take small steps first. Let’s go for 7 days
What do you say?