The begining of my terrible story with masterbation

Congrats @NhTbH for completing a year in this forum… Hope you are doing great and getting stronger day by day (remember victory and setback is all part of the journey) …
Stay strong :muscle::fire::fire:


Yes bro exactly…he is a kid … Every posts in this forum reveals the secret :sweat_smile:


@NhTbH sis what are you doing ?? :sweat_smile:


He may be a kid, maybe that immaturity shows off, but I think this is enough. He will realise his mistake.

I am telling this because if we say anymore, it can play with our emotions and make us frustrated, and oopsee can lead to relapse n stuff.

Just my opinion


The language barriers are the least of our problems, but when you seek consultation from others then communication is key. Perhaps you could use Google translate or something else if what you want to say is important?

Anyways, it’s quite brave for you to come out and confess the cause of your addiction, that’s the first big step many people are scared to take and that is the MAIN thing PMO eats apon. Many addicts keep it to themselves and therefore can’t break free.

I’d be happy to help answer any questions or theories you got about the addiction


What ever what he said …
Nothing will change my opinion …
We are not fighting each other about grammar mistakes …
We are fighting ourselves , our misery addiction and it’s great to focus on …
What was said, accept it and do not judge it if I really want to be no fap and to be pure

Thanks for everyone to being here
@_TIGER @slave_of_allah @JonSnow001 @Dean_Ambrose @Reaper097
@drago (yes behind the scence )
For the celebration :joy: I really surprised …

[email protected]_to_purity thanks for you to be clear .


lets party man… :rofl: :joy: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:

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#Thanks man#

But it’s not a year … there are 2 times of realpse the journey will never end even I complete my 375 days I will still try and try and doing hard man

#together we will achieve the harvest#


I am fasting , maaan :woozy_face::woozy_face:
I will keep it of course hahahahaha :cowboy_hat_face: :raised_hand:
In the fridge till I can be a draculaaa :joy::rofl:


No no :blush: I mean a real one of me

Thanks man


Happy b’day sister. You have a kind soul; I see your post in most thread helping and motivating others. Keep going and God is with you. You’ll become a great woman, the world will remember you even after your death. Keep working on your purpose of life. We all are together in this.


its 365 days… :smirk: :rofl:

i know… :sweat_smile:it was for afterwards… :sweat_smile:

:joy: :rofl:

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We will achieve this together @Tagore we will stay strong with a great resistance + commitment = no fappers

Thanks for everything you try to do here , I know it’s big effort really .


Ohhh I just noticed this post is nearly a year old, that’s awesome you’ve kept a good streak!

Is there any postive benefits you’ve experienced or negative effects?


Thank you very much for all this encouragement, but it is impossible to end at a certain point, regardless of the number … I am addicted and I know that …

About your question

I will reply this someday because I have no a clear steps now like i expressed my pain i have to express the benefits happened to me of no fap … it will come someday .


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I am too struggling with this. What matters is not the number, but the feeling of freedom from pmo. Though I have not crossed 21days yet.

This Ramadan I hope to go full month clean
In sha allah

But still we gotta be on our guards, as we may slip.

May Allah save us all.



I hope too that God will save us … if we always repeat his name and our heart beating for him

We will win man don’t doubt about anything will happen (specially bad things ) and if you feel confused change your position to feel something new .


In this past one year I have changed many of my habits and it surely has helped me in this journey.

Nonetheless I am at home 90% of the time in this lockdown.

I had hit gym for about a month but again due to lockdown I bad to pause going to gym.

Changed a lot of my life style, but I am lacking self discipline and consistency.

But I will not lose hope and keep trying.


I’m not sure the urges will actually ever go away. As a sex drive is apart of being human. It’s in our DNA to have urges to reproduce.

I think the thing we should aim for is transmitting them urges away from porn and into something productive or towards a significant other


Very well written and thought of god. It’s hellish idea to waste your seed for momentarily pleasure



I hope for everyone that will achieve his / her goals and especially with this wanted journey for being the uncopied one but you try for the high copy now :muscle::muscle:

So i want to share something important not motivation this time but “it’s an action” i took because i belive that it will make me more stronger and more in high resistance and i want to put something new , some new meaning of my journey .

I uninstalled the app only
I am in the zero day again now

nothing bad happened to me , i did not relapse , I do not try to return back for my silly addiction , this is not an option for me at all

About reasons

Why Nour you did this for many reasons ?? :thinking:

new companions

have so sensitivity with this counter of days and this question about if to count or not ?
my answer will be , yes , count it specially in first days and after you wil forget this count and you will see who will remember you without any effort :sweat_smile: you will be surprised , count it and don’t worry about days … who said don’t count , he or she said this to believe his / her sound to be strong , it’s good to act like strong but human needs more this appreciation and play with his / her instinct

**Today I read something so good from someone here in forum :“let days count , stop count the days” :sweat_smile:

the principale reason

that make me think about doing this … in my 265 days I think :thinking: I realized that I wasn’t commitment with no porn (of course there are something different so much inside my brain )
I was focused much more with no fap , not touching myself any touch that can hurt me or feeling something danger or bad.
First time I relapsed I didn’t touched myself wasn’t by touch btw but I felt no good so I count it and the second time was not full relapse but I have to count it because there was bad thoughts and actions happend and i said to myslef that this is one minute can’t do something with me but felt not satisifed after so i have to count it .
I have to deal with no porn like no fap and be more commitment … sometimes there was some scences appear front of me (not by my search nop , but while watching in peace and suddenly something shown to you , I don’t react to close my eyes or anything but I opened it till the scence finish (this is not acceptable )and try to motivate myself with any words in my head wether while watched or after these times)
really guys / girls i enjoyed with closing my eyes and i was so surprised about my past and present attitude i was so appreciate this behavior

My fantasies

I still can’t control it , I can’t stop it
totally but I learnt how can I do this what I mean that lot of times I like to enjoy it because it makes me feel alive i am weak about this part … I know it’s danger and not the perfect way (i only say a fact not trying to say bad or good ) But I respect myself and My journey with no fap & no porn , I know that I am safe and this is the great point .

if I motivate somebody , that’s for me before anyone , it’s one of methods that I use it to heal myself .

I need to feel peace

by seeing this zero that I hate it and the read quote :" if you are fear of something do it to stop to fear " and need to push myself for the because zero is nothing zero can’t stop you .

I see that to participate in one of
this challenge about no fap no porn

we have to be in one level (I’m not intersted about this kind of challenges , I think that you belive to renew your strategies Everytime ) not one in high other in down or perhaps in the first 90 days … I know that zero doesn’t differ between who is in 1 and start and realpse and who is in 66 day and relapse same zero count for both , anyway this is my opnion .

this journey it’s about your feeling about yourself

are you satisfied or not … this counter can’t stop anyone want to get this , I hope that this be clear to anyone …

This interruption of achievement

will make me my resistance be more , and I don’t want to forget the feeling of shame when I lose, for my nature cannot bear the loss, but this is what we mean that I didn’t not lost anything in my life.

No long streaks :

no fap it’s life style so , no long and now you participate “no fap” community so you have to know that no point to stop when I will participate my streak will be what is shown and no long streaks .
No difference , I hate to be proud because it makes me remember the final line .
i like to enjoy my journey only and when i will die talk as you like about long-streak or anything else …
what 's important for me my journey
I like the word " Appreciation"
don’t wish to me anything i belive in action so if we are together we have to appreciate and accept each other as it is .

#Take care