The begining of my journey

I am going to start this diary very soon . I am making myself comfortable with this platform first. Hope I will start very soon.


hey there :wink:

i wish you best of luck and enjoyment for the process of quitting.

will look forward to your thoughts and input



Thanks for the encouragement @SirTryHard

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Today i relapsed twice . And really felt very bad after. i was hopeless for sometime thinking what i am going to do in the future with such low will. i am preparing for JEE engineering entrance exam in my drop year . in my first attempt i scored really low marks because of wasting too much time on masturbation . i dont watch porn but i have very bad compulsion for watching erotic movies. i tried to amend these bad habits in my drop year and i have succeed a lot . but with time i am feeling like i am returning to my old habits. i am 19 now . still confused why i am going for engineering.
actually i have to choose between research, medical , and engineering . i chose the less worse one. And i liked maths physics and chem too . that was also another reason. i clueless what am i going to do in my career. the longest day i have gone without no fap was for 5 months but that was 3 years ago . my recent long streak is for 7 days.
hopefully this time i will go for a much longer streak and achieve a gooed rank in jee.
i dont have any social media acount . i dont use any . only thing that makes me weak is that i live alone most of my time attending online classes and wasting my self study hours.
it was a brief idea of what is going in my life.



Congratulations for making your own diary and just keep preparing for the exam and of course You can do it and crack the exam.

Good luck. :+1::love_you_gesture: