The Attempt for a clean year

So hello to all nofappers i decided to make a topic about the upcoming year
I know many of us failed a lot like me since day 21 streak i fell a lot now im on day 3 i was thinking a lot about quitting and everything and i realised how big of a mistake wiuld that be i had a dream about having a happy healthy life and a family of my own i woke up realising its a dream i unlocked my phone i saw this app and i remembered what i was fighting for i got motivation i knowing that the new year is coming in a few days decided to unlock all my adult blocks and try a clean run throught 2021 its gonna be hard but i have a feeling and a dream to achive what i could have only dreamed about a no fap year everyone get your shit together find a motivation be ashamed of urself think about ur future and stop fapping and watching porn good luck to everyone i hope u make it