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After various relapses, I realized something. Most of males arent getting a regular influx of sex. Thats why we fap. If you have a gf or you have a regular influx of thirsty young beautiful girls, and you still do no fap, you are lying to yourself. It boils down to this. Most males (over 50% of us) are not getting/wont ever get a regular influx of healthy sex in their lives. Women are having all the sex in the world with a few guys. ALL we others have is fapping. So when people say “no fap forever”, to me its like saying that in some point of your life you Will get a regular influx of sex in your life otherwise whats the point? Sex is good. Are we not supposed to feel even an ounce of what some (most women) people feel? Why do we deserve to suffer like this? I am all for controlling yourself. But to shut yourself from sex completely, why? Most Men are not getting sex from regular women unless they pay them. I know I am. Only 2 times, two months in three years, I had sex with a woman. Other than that, nothing. If I hadnt payed I wouldnt have had any other with any women. Só whats the point? We are ALL doomed anyway.

I not against have sex with someone real you really loves, but make “sex” (fapping is technically sex for our body) with artificial being is not worth because you will always feel empty atfer.

The point that I believe is: we do not must live for sex. Sex is just a part of life. A very good part, but is not all of it.

We are just addicted to it. Because this addiction, it is so difficult to us get pleasure in another normal things, like love, care about others, or just see nature.

And for us to truly enjoy sex and life, we need stop this addiction, and for some of us it means stop fapping, at least for awhile to get rid of the addiction of PMO.


But by that logic, married men would never fap. But we know that that’s not the case. Porn is an addictive drug that fucks up your life.
Sex is definitely great, no two ways about it. But I am of the opinion that sex with a stranger is no different than fapping. All this is coming from the loud mouth of a virgin, btw.
I also think that you’re confusing NoFap with hardmode NoFap. Only those who go hardmode abstain from sex because they’re concerned with semen retention. The rest of us here only want to break away from the cycle of porn and masturbation. Sex is allowed.


@white_tiger I agree with you, I heard some married man talking about this. @sorenhije About sex, different people have different points of view in their NoFap journey. With a girlfriend or something like that, I face it from my Christian vision: I will be virgin until I got married(this will take a lot of years…), fighting NoFap, then I will make sex a lot of times, everyday with my wife. But I can’t say to someone who has no faith in God to do the same.
If you are not religious, and you think it’s OK, that’s good to make sex with a girlfriend instead of fapping. But with some girl you love, man. Pay a bitch is just another side of fapping, it’s wrong, it’s bad for you.

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The opinion, that you will stop fapping as soon as you have sex is just wrong.
I have a girlfriend for 5 years now. Even when I had daily sex I still went back to fapping.

This addiction is not about having sex or not. It’s a drug.


Yeah, that’s why we need to fight again and again!

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