The 7 level Challenge

Hello guys!
I have created this challenge, you can also called it a ‘game’ to encourage everyone to do nofap and free from P*** for good. In this challenge the maximum focus is on ‘Total clean days’( Clean Day = Day without PMO) rather than streak. This challenge also focuses on Meditation/ Yoga /Exercise and Daily routine.

In order to make the challenge excited i make 7 levels.

There are 7 levels in this game, the Man who achieve level 7 will be the Master(Conqueror).

Rules of the Game :-

  1. Everyone should begin with day 0, there is no need to reset your current streak(Counter).

  2. XP (Points) Distribution :
    Level 1 : STARTING
    Level 2 : 5,000 XP
    Level 3 : 20,000 XP
    Level 4 : 30,000 XP
    Level 5 : 50,000 XP
    Level 6 : 100,000 XP
    Level 7 : FINAL
    TOTAL : 205,000 XP

  3. Rules regarding XP (Points)
    a. Every Clean day : 500 XP
    b. Clean for a week : 2000 XP
    c. Clean for a month: 20,000 XP
    d. Meditation/Yoga/ Exercise for 1 day : 750 XP
    e. Meditation/ Yoga/ Exercise for a week : 2500 XP
    f. Posting motivation article, images, quotes, videos : 250 XP

  4. Points(XP) will be refresh after every Level Up!.

  5. For Participating, write your name,sharing code, country to the scoreboard

  6. Everyone have to update their streak and XP own their own according to the rules.

If anybody have any problem regarding the rules he/ she can ask.

My Details :-
Current streak : 3 days
Highest streak : 29 days
Country : India
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Sharing Code: wgfyre

Why i want to create this group: To encourage people to leave p*** and do nofap for good.

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