The 3rd person method

So I was watching a video on you about addictions and it suggested that you should try thinking about things in a 3rd person’s point of view. I should it sounded like it makes a lot of sense bc then you separate yourself from the problem for a moment to get a better understanding of what you’re feeling/doing


Can you post the vid?


Thank you for posting!

This is essentially a mindfulness approach to addiction. It’s been shown to be especially effective with smoking and comfort eating, but it can work for porn as well, if you can get enough distance between your trigger and acting out.

To practice this, it’s a good idea to take up daily mindful meditation and try to remain mindful of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

I should add that I find this extremely difficult as my awareness tends to switch off if I’m triggered. When it works though, it’s brilliant.

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You can check out the book "change anything ". It’s pretty good. It Talks about experiments and how real people changed their addiction. Give it a shot

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