Thanks guys who replied

thanks guys who replied… plz dont msg me privately


Ey @shraddha
I am not the female but as we all get the urges I can give you small advice.

Identify the trigger which makes you feel tempted.
Later declutter your mind from such a thought by practicing breathing exercises(either yoga or meditation)
And stay away from triggers, if you still face unintentionally then learn to distract yourself quickly within a minute.
Set the goal(streak) of Nofap (short as possible)
Read the knowledgeable information about Nofap.
Give all attention to your purpose of your life.

If you need more help @tagmyname


Keep faith in yourself and be your own role modal

I was just like you a month ago but i fight it and then i got 10 days highest streak, i have tips dude

  1. If u ever want to masturbating just remember how you prevent it 3 days ago

  2. Go out search a new activities (Remember wear your mask)

  3. Stay close to your relatives and DELETE all vpn or application that provide porn to you

Thats all bro, good luck

Oh and there are some timelapse after jerking off

First 1-4 days: No more feelings of shame.

Day 5: You’re amazed at how much cleaner you are. No more wet wipes.

Day 7: Brain fog is a distant memory (sorry for the pun)

Day 14: Prolactin levels start to decrease. Your body is going to start activating your old androgen receptors.

Day 15-20: The NoFap flatline might kick-in.

Day 21: You have a lot more free time available. Boredom kicks in.

Day 25: The blue balls period is officially over.

Day 30: Craving and urges are starting to reduce.

Day 40: Girls are going to start noticing you more often. You’ll keep better eye contact.

Day 60: PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) is going to become less of a problem. Complete elimination of the symptoms is going to take at least 90 days, with some heavy fappers needing 6-12 months. Stay strong.

Day 80: Social anxiety is going to be severely decreased. You’ll be able to have conversations with strangers, and you won’t find going out as tiring as before.

Day 90: Most internet users consider this milestone a complete reboot. This doesn’t mean you stop doing NoFap. The first 90 days are just a “cleanse.” By cleaning your mind and body, you’ve hopefully grown an appreciation for NoFap and would continue doing it for the rest of your life.

Day 100 – You’ll start eliminating other drugs, like alcohol. Carbonated mineral water is going to become your new friend.

Month 3: Your memory is going to be much better. You’ll want to exercise or even start weightlifting.

Month 4: Porn is going to look disgusting. In a deep, perverse way.

Month 6: If you had any weird fetishes, the cravings and symptoms are going to start to be going away. You’ll find enjoyment in more ordinary sexual situations.

Month 9-12: You’ll have rock-hard erections like never before in your life. Warn your girlfriend. Sex is going to feel amazing. You’ll always outlast your partner.

Year 2: You’ll never look back at your former life.


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