Thank you people

This is a thank you post

To my friends @Nick9 who came every time to help me out with the urgency of the being horny

@NeverGiveup420 who came to help me out

@Attempt_Two_Electric_Boogaloo who’s been there with me for a long time

@rhybha who’s also been always there to help whenever I sought him

There are definitely more people (it is hard to remember all at the moment), if someone feels like they’ve been missed out I’m sincerely sorry for it. Please do not hesitate to point it out

Thank you fellas
Just wanted to make sure that I do not take this for granted.


Yeah , this is one of the best places on internet so far.

And is it bhishm in your profile pic?


Thank you!

I’m going through a rough patch right now, but this post made the difference right now. Thank you.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out, though I might not be very active, I will try to visit the forum every now and then. I saw this thread pop up in my email just now.

Big thanks to you <3




Well, spread the positivity. I’m glad this could create a difference. I’m in a rough patch too. Don’t worry we’ll figure it out :wink:


Mention not bro… Thankyou very much for your kind post. It really made my day. :heart::blush:
We are all here to support each other. We all have different lives but our struggles are the same. Our journey is the same. Only way to reach the destination is by walking together.
God bless you brother, may you achieve highest and unshattering streaks and success in NoPMO and in life.


I am very late again.
Hope you are doing good.