[Testers Needed] Rewire Companion android beta testing

As mentioned in this post here, beta program is finally starting.
Beta will be open to everyone, however it’s discussion will be closed down to people who excipliciy opt in.
Because if we made the Beta Discussion category open, it would be show up on the main forum feed, and most people just don’t want to bothered by technical talks. But it will show up if you opt in. So win win.

How to opt in? Just reply to this post and say you want in.

You will be assigned a new group and you will get a tag beside your name aswell.

After you have joined see this category for beta updates.

Please only opt in if you want to help improve the app, try out new features and can deal with bugs and unstable software.


I want to help you. I will be a beta tester.


Hello Admin, I would be happy to help and provide feedback on what I notice. Count me in!


I want in… @Taher

If you want I can help you too

I want too…

I am in 🙋. I can test its new features and give a feedback

You helped me when I needed. And I didin’t forget. It’s time to help You, so I’m in :wink:

Count me in as well :slight_smile:

Me me me i am to here to help

I’m interested! Thanks.

I want to be part of beta test

I am interested admin I like your app so much I am glad if I can be of some help.

I want in plz i want to help

I would like to join.

I’m interested. I want to be a beta tester.

I volunteer :slightly_smiling_face:…!!

I wanna join the beta :sunglasses:

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In for beta app…