Tested erection question

Today for the first time i tested my erection to see where i am. I just put my finger and slowly touched my penis without fantasizing or orgasming. It was solid rock!I instantly then stopped and continue my day.I’m really happy with the results!i just have one question!I’m on 56day on nofap,will that move hinder my rebootand if yes how far back will it place me?I won’t do it again. I want the full benefits of 120 days!I’m fully commited! I just had the need to see if i could get a boner willingly ,i didnt watch any porn or fantasized anything normal or weird. It was a 10 second situation. Tell me what you think.

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You are already in good health. I personally suffered from erectile dysfunction earlier. Nofap did help me to get normal.
So you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a sign of progress. Keep going don’t stop.