Tell me how to stop 😭 help me

Any information that help me


Take a firm decision and stop. Take it day by day and keep going until you are not dependent on PMO anymore.

Check out this post too…

I wish you the best.

Also, Welcome to the community​:raised_hands: ,We are all going through this together :muscle:



Believe that it can be …

It can because

1- you are already done from suffering
2- you have dreams and goals you want focus on it than watching or fapping
3- if you find something big and so different about what your routine there two things in this point

  • You can change everything if you let your brain believe and move
  • Big challenge sometimes you need to make it step by step ( don’t take it all of it ) small goals can make a difference and change in what you want to achieve to yourslef …
    4-meditation , workout , water … all of this advices you will listen here believe that it’s not the end and you can explore and your peace can be with this and you can explore some new things by enjoying this journey your own one .

5- **nothing ends in point ** you are still alive and breathing so let’s start , you will find headash in first days , you will find a big urge attack you but you have to stand and take a great decision to stop !
Stop let’s move :muscle:

6- this app help many here everyone will give try to help but this not mean that we are angels , so , please don’t blame anyone , motivation will helps for everyone in here even in relapse times .

#Nhtbh _ lady bird

Fight with courage .


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