Tell me about your first exposure to pornography?

I was around 12 years old, from my elementary classmates phone I was introduced to accessible porn, until I was freshman in highschool where we got a personal computer I first hand searched it and my first masturbation, its been around 9 years since then


Nobody told me about that , I found it by myself. First I started searching for hot pics . Then one day I found masturbation by myself at 1 am . I still remember that moment. I was around 11 yrs old that time , now I am 16.
Then I started masturbating on kissing scenes and then porn. I was addicted to porn for last 2 years . But with masturbation it’s been around 5 years but yeah I watched my first porn video at around 4yrs ago


It was like you, I was in elementary school too and received by bluetooth from some ‘colleagues’ that use to have on their phones. I still remember the first video I saw. I wish I could delete it from my mind…


Well, I have a kinda different yet somewhat similar story. When I was around 12 , me and a girl kissed (she is my relative tbh), and that left me wanting for more and more. A year later, I began searching for nude photos of females. So, that was how it started. Then, when I was about 16, my spoiled classmates took me to a cyber cafe and showed me a real porn video. First time I saw that, I vomitted, but with time and especially after failures, depression and getting my own smartphone, I got addicted to this dirt. It destroyed my life.

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Everyone, I really appreciate you telling your story it requires a great amount of courage for doing so…To be open here in this community may lead to further strengthening our bond in supporting each other. Cheers guys we are one on this battle


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