Telegram Support Group

Hey there fellow human beings,

I was thinking about opening a group in the messenger “Telegram” to offer quick support in times of need for anyone interested. It should be held more or less clean, without too much spam or endless discussions (that’s what we have this forum for) but people reporting if they are in times of need, feeling urges, are near a relapse or else and can find someone to talk to quickly in realtime.

What do you guys think of this? As for privacy concerns, we can name the group in a way that won’t draw any attention. Of course you still participate with your account, which is where some people draw the line. That’s reasonable as well.

Cheers and have a nice, hopefully PMO-free day :slight_smile:


Since I need at least one person to open up a new group in Telegram, I’d need the username of at least one of you guys interested. Just pm me :slight_smile:

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Feel free to join guys!

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Cmon guys Join Join Join.

Already 5 members and few more needed.

Fairly new group, 21 members so far.

(Some of us know each other from the larger TheBigJourney (which has +100members and is male only) )

Group description:

We support each other in becoming and staying PMO-free. We are united in a common focus: dealing with the PMO habit. We find a common denominator in our compulsive patterns which renders any personal differences of sexual or gender orientation irrelevant.

EDIT: After realizing that this thread is public so anyone can read it, I removed and revoked the invitation link. Leave me a message and I will add you to the group.


Can I be part of the group? My username is ArchiePH, thank you!

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Done! Welome to the group!

I also joined your group just now

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Can you add me please? My name is Luig1

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Added you :slight_smile:

Ehm I was wrong…my username is Luig13. At this point you should delete Luig1 and add me! Thank you :slight_smile:

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;'D This guy will be so weirded out. Haha, maybe we just got some other guy into NoFap as well xD

Edit: I can’t seem to kick him out of the group either. So let’s wait for him to leave or contribute to the discussion

My username is Pipecu, add me to the group!

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Can you add me : Ordinaryboy


Add me pls

Add me bro plz my code is c0bdc2

I can only add you with your Telegram username, the code is only used for the NF companion system :slight_smile:

Name- akshay
User name - jordan0007

You have to tweak the settings so that it is possible for me to add you to our group.
Or else, just follow the link above