Tarot practicant searching for misterious jorney

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Searching someone who intrested Tarot cards and other kind of mistics. Because im shure, that topics can help to distract from pmo. And want to find englishspeakers practicants of tarot.


Hi bro I’m also interested in tarot, and I find it really accurate, especially during job seeking before.

Do you also practice tarot? Maybe you can share some experience with us? Astrology and numerology is also good!

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Hey man, I do Tarot card reading, energy healing, am astrologer and am Yoga Instructor. Also have done lots of other things. Let’s connect!

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Wow bro you know a lot! I wonder if you practice tropical astrology or sidereal astrology? It seems Vedic astrology is sidereal?

Which of cards do you use? I heard many things about Osho-zen Tarot, maybe you that cards?

I use a customized one. Its kind of mixture of various spreads. Which one do you use?

And yes, Vedic is sidereal

Rider-Whayt, plus dices x6.

Oh we mostly follow Western astrology in HK, so I’m not quite familiar with sidereal one… So the planets fall into different zodiac signs compared to western one? The difference can be quite large, what do you think about these two systems? Is Vedic more accurate?

And I’m curious how you interpret the coming Grand Conjunction on Winter Solstice?

What is the purpose for having 6 dices for divination? Any numerological meaning or astrological correspondence??

More meanings from tarot. Im use dices for make kind of “map of situation” or faster answer to question (if sense of cant be geting from dice). I need more information about numeroligy. My source about that, is the book about tarot, here they have a part about numeroligy and tarot together.

Can you show us one of your cards?

Actully, I am not quite familiar with the western one. Although, as far as I know, both are quite similar. The only diffrence being the calculation for starting point of a period!

Each person has two zodiac sign in this system.

I haven’t studied Tropical one, so I can’t say about the accuracy. Although I feel that if one have deep understanding of the system then either one can be fairly accurate !

Using dices to make a map is fascinating…!

Would love to show em’!

Although we are instructed to never send a photo or allow anyone to touch or see the instruments when not used…

No problem, uts mean that your instrument is very strong)

Ohh… Never thought of it that way…

I belive, the experties of user is more important that the instrument used…

What do you feel?

Im agree. Any instrument is only continue of users hand. I have one of the major cards, but if im never have my sences, it will be just a paper in plastic.

Shit… I have a bad dream. There stiil playing in my head that disgusting music (