Tanmay_ck's Journey To Liberation 🔥

Hello everyone, After my 38 days of long abstinence & till now in this journey, I’ve learnt many things for my whole life which are truly worthy!!!
I’ll start writing my diary/daily routine from today with new & powerful beginning. After this long 7 yrs of Addiction I’m on right path & company & I believe i will achieve my goals for sure now!!!
The purpose of creating this Diary is
To be more Accountable.
To be more Regular.
To Motivate each other.
To help each other.


The companions like u all are helping each other honestly for everyone’s happiness!!!
May GOD Bless Us All :heart: :pray: :smiley: :smile:


Today’s my day 1 Completed Successfully!!
Every second matters!!
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Next Plan :white_check_mark:
Spiritual Reading :white_check_mark:
Dev pooja :white_check_mark:
Beginning slowly!!
Also today was a happy day as my results of 2nd sem got declared & I passed with more than 9 pointer :smiley::fire:
A Positive Day :heart::100:


Day 2 got Completed with good today!!
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Pranayam :white_check_mark:
Yogasanas :white_check_mark:
Spiritual Reading :white_check_mark:
Cold Shower :white_check_mark:
Study 2 hrs :white_check_mark:
Today was a busy day in lectures & other household works. To be busy is the simple key in this journey!!
No urges but still guilt feeling is there which makes very uncomfortable…
Tomorrow will be a more powerful day :muscle::fire::100::smiley:


I am happy for you, Tanmay.


Bro If you want to know how to kill you addiction. You should listen how Lord shiva Overcome strong desires.
It is in youtube. And it is the true story of Kamdev and lord shiva. Which will give you magnificent power.


Yess @StealthChopperinbond I’ll definitely watch it :100: :smiley:

Thanks a lot!!
But I’m not for u @Powerfulman
It’s very sad to see our fellow companions relapsing again & again…
Make a new strategy, be busy, do exercise or do whatever possible & Decide that Ur this relapse will be finale one!!
It’ll take time but keep Patience, I’m also in same stage as u!!!
Rise up Stronger :muscle::fire:


Yes, Our goal is common. 2 days ago i made a group. It is pending for approval. As soon as it gets approved we are good to go. For the time being hold on. I am doing my best. Wont disappoint anyone further.


Today’s weekend went well with good productivity & happiness!!!

Meditation :x:
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Spiritual Reading :white_check_mark:
Inspirational book reading :white_check_mark:
Study 6 hrs :white_check_mark:
Cold Shower :white_check_mark:
Household works :white_check_mark:

For some days I’m being alone with my brother in house, as I’ll be having responsibility of house now…it’s quite constructive time for me to be engaged in household works & my studies rather fearing about my loneliness & other negative things I think :muscle: :fire:

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Meditation :x:
Pranayam :white_check_mark:
Yogasanas :white_check_mark:
Diet :x:
Spiritual Reading :x:
Cold Shower :white_check_mark:
Study 2.5 hrs :white_check_mark:
Other Works :white_check_mark:

Today was a bit messed up day!! Slept too much in noon despite the alarm was there :persevere: hence remaining schedule of study & all got messed up, somehow I managed it but…I should learn to handle a instant stress/ problems & respond properly to avoid frustrations & irritations :100: