Taking a difficult task right now!

Hey guys I’m new and require kind of a experienced or novice guy to guide me through…
Im gonna fight through the end and will need some help doing it…

Sharing code - 6cc7da

Current steak - 0
Highest steak - 4 days
Age - 16
Gender - M
Location - india

Why I want a companion - *

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hey man
lets do this together :grinning:

Great to see young people here. You realized the problem earlier than I did.
I’m very experienced if you count the number of relapses :unamused:

Longest streak so far: around 40 days

Count me in!

Longest streak - 4 days

Current streak - 0 days

my i.d. is 72358d

im from USA

Awesome guys lets do it…theres nothing holidng us back

Awesome dude u r already in day 40…u r my guru right now!!!

Im joining the battle as well. Currently, my streak is 0, but I wanna come back on track 2259e7

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Awesome…Awesome …lets do it!!

How’s everyone doin?

Im trying. How about yourself?

I relapsed…qneed to control slowly Nd slowly i guess

Hey guys im on day three and going strong feeling lots of change already…any suggestions?

My Code : a5af37
Big Fan Of Rdj :relaxed:
Addicted To The Core & Relapsed a Million Times Since The Past 9 Years :sweat: Am Weak & I Almost Beleived I Have To Live With It For The Rest Of My Life :face_with_thermometer: But This App Gives Me Hope That I Can Rebuild :upside_down_face: On The Process Of Rebooting My Entire Body :innocent:
Need Support & Motivation Which I Promise I Would Return :handshake:

Me 2 man im also a fan of rdj…

Lets do it 2gether