Take it easy, focus on one thing, don't overwhelm yourself

Hi fapstronauts,

I’m kinda new, but practically oldcomer on this forum. I’m battling with this addiction for about 3 years now.

I had ups and downs, but the whole idea of self-improvement let me to get better at certain areas. I feel I learn a bit how manage my time, be more self-organized, learn about new stuff; but addiction is still there and it pops up whenever I feel tired or sleepy.

When it happens it might take couple weeks to come back on track, because the body craves for more and more and it ends up in daily binging circle like now.

“How to prevent it?” - you might ask.

Usually post-relapse thoughts revolt around “this is the last time I’ve done it”, “tomorrow will be different” or “ok enough, I gonna change it, I wake up tomorrow morning at 5am and go for 100 miles run”. All ideas sound cool, but in most cases this is just a mental game. Its easy to to think about it, when your brain just been hit by dopamine dosage. However, your body is still physically weak due to lack of sleep, energy, minerals etc.

So during initial stage of NoFap my advice is to:

  • take it easy
  • get some rest, have a good quality sleep (daily PMO is no bueno)
  • eat healthly, drink water

After a while you will notice you will become more energetic and you will be able to spend that energy on improving yourself and in the same time:

  • focus on one thing
  • don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks/activities
  • be aware how much sleep you need (probably less than on the start)
  • learn step by step

Please remember being tired, sleepy, pressured might lead to PMO. Take care of your self-being.


I would 100% agree that sleep is a huge factor in relapse, especially early on when we are weak. The mind needs to be fresh when fighting off the big urges.

Great post man!


Best advice I would give for a beginner in NoPMO journey would be to regularize his or her sleep cycles.

Sleep before midnight and wake up before 7 am…

This alone would make a huge impact. Coz many of us relapse during late night… sleeping at this time means you have less to worry about suppressing urges (you are sleeping. so you donno you get an urge or not, simple :sweat_smile:)
Getting quality sleep everyday means, you start the day fully energetic and wont think about PMO first thing in morning.


I always sleep before 11 and wake up before 6, isn’t that enough sleep?


Wonderful man…

You are already miles ahead of many people…

Always maintain that cycle…


If you feel it’s enough for you that’s OK, but I’m writing to people who would sacrifice sleep to fulfill overambitious routine after PMO marathon.