Take back the throne

I struggled as a Peasant.
I acted compassionate and became a Nobleman.
I fought Dragons as a Knight.
I accepted the burden of responsibility the day I became a Chancellor.
I took back my land and became it’s Duke.
Against all Odds I defended my position, Archduke is what they call me now.
… Heed my words brother, I will rise ever further to the higher echelons!


Love it. Does that mean you found archduke the most difficult?

Became Knight once… died in battle though :joy:


@arsenal_rules1 that was just for the thrill. Each time has its hardships :wink:

@commanderroot03 killing it :smile:

Let’s see if I get to 60 to continue this

I was killed in a battle when i had became a knight. Hahaahahaha

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Was disrobed of Archduke…

once again I shall rise to become unstoppable

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