Take a break from the app(ONLY for people with high streaks)

As suggested in the topic, this post is targeted ONLY towards people with high streaks (day 40+).

I am currently on day 56 and for the past few days, I am noticing that this app has become my new addiction. I spend around 1 hr just reading through posts and writing a bunch of posts of my own. Initially when I started, this app was a lifeline for me to battle the urges, but now being 40+, I can consider taking a break from the app. Please understand, in no way I am saying that this app is bad or to be unistalled, I am just saying that usage should be reduced and should reduce with time. Because what happens with me is when I read the same old posts(no offense to anyone please), I kinda feel superior or feel things are too trivial, I feel, why are they asking such questions, they already know the answer( I Know this is wrong, hence taking a break). Basically what I am trying to say is we become overconfident with our streak and to top that when we see people struggling with low streak, we try to preach them and not help them. This is my personal opinion, I am sure others have there own, but I would suggest to only open the app 3ice a week or whenever have strong uncontrollable urges.


This makes sense. I am at 40+ now and only occasionally open the app


If you feel that the app doesn’t benefit you like it did before that’s fine. I feel like the app isn’t an addiction for me and I use it daily.
If you find yourself preaching often, preach less. I’ve found some stuff you post helpful and some stuff isn’t for me. Don’t feel obligated to come back to Rewire to keep posting. Those who are trying to get better look for tips and help from anyone.