TAI 1: Say you can't do it. Say you won't do it. What's the difference?

TAI - Think About It

I love the Buddhist practice of koans - riddles whose answers can’t be explained without the individual coming to their own conclusion, and cannot be explained in words.

I have created a similar thing, a tai - vague riddles whose answers depend on the readers’ interpretation, and help the readers explore themselves.

So tell me, what does this tai mean to you?

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Better than the above two for me would be: I don’t do it.
I can’t do it cause I’m a noFapper.
I won’t do it cause I’m a noFapper.
I don’t do it cause I’m a noFapper.

Observe what I mean? Or do you see what I mean? :wink:


Aha! I love it! I don’t do it will be my new mantra! I accept that not doing it is the new normal.

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