Symbolymn's No PM(+O now) Journey

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I had kept watching porn during the Chinese New year week, when I had injured legs and tried to keep myself from moving out of my room, so they could recover faster.

Was feeling like crap watching to much, and I had less energy.

I restarted on Friday last week, 2018 Feb 16, and have not done O since.

I’m now at 1 day 14 hours.

I previously had a 43-day streak of no P and O in 2016 but failed and could not get back to a long streak after.

I did M without P or O on Monday, 2 days ago in my timezone (2018 Feb 19), but then I stumbled on the NoFap® website and its getting started PDF guide, which mentioned the 4 levels (difficulties) of abstinence:

No P. No PM. No PMO (no sex allowed), or custom level.

From this guide, it suddenly made sense to me that I was tracking the wrong thing (I abstained from O, but not so much M) and that I could be tackling more important triggers (hot material, rather than porn material).

So even though I didn’t reset my counter on Monday by my standards, I want to reset my counter in the end, because there is more strict and safer standard to hold myself by.

I now realize I can (and will) track if I relapse, even to M. It’s hard, but I want to monitor my viewing of (merely) sexy / hot material as well.

Hoping for the best!

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Tuesday, I passed by a couple of slightly hot pictures. I would consider that those didn’t count, coz I didn’t search th em out and I didn’t linger with them, but I gotta be careful with how I browse around.

The goal, after all, is to rewire the brain.

Today… A colleague I find hot… I’m glad I feel a bit more normal around her today. I had been coping with my “surge” for the past few days and I didn’t feel I was afternoon strong (awkward) sexual feelings toward her… and this, I didn’t feel tension trying to turn towards her to just face her.

Might be just something in my head, but I’m hoping this is some progress!! :smile:

It sure is! Normally PMO addicts (including me) Think about woman naked when they are hot. And if you get to an event like that try to think away in 3 seconds.
I wish you luck on Your journey!