Sweaty hands🤲 and feet . Any remedies

Iam a boy , 19 yrs age and I’m facing a problem with my palm and my feet. It isn’t a new one to me becoz im experiencing it from my childhood.

It sweats always mainly when nervous.
It sweats when im writing exams , my answer sheet would always wet .
I should carry a towel with me always.
I can’t give a handshake to others .
I can’t play games with accuracy becoz my hand slips the screen due to water.

Is there anyone facing the same problem and is there any cure either to stop it permanently or to reduce it.
I can improve my self confidence if I could find a cure.:smiley:


My brother had the same problem. Homeopathy worked for him! But if you try homeopathic medicine do keep in mind that it’ll take time to show it’s effects. You’ve to take it for a minimum 1 month or more.


Feeling good to hear that there is a cure. Did it cure him permanently.


Yeah it did, he also had peeling skin every winter, it also helped to cure that.


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