Surviving the weekend

Here comes my fist weekend since attempting no pho and joint the nf community. This week has been a breeze. I work all day and by the time I get home I have just enough time to eat before heading straight to sleep. The problem for me has always been weekends. The second I have some free time and get bored for even just a moment I instinctively turn to porn.

How do you guys make It through the weekends? I can try to go out during the day, however I’m going to end up at home eventually and with some free tine

Sorry for my comment before.

I have gone beyond one week multiple times, but they were usually during weekends when I was out all weekend with other people (camping, cottages, etc).

I don’t seem to understand what was rude about my original question. I though this was a place where we offer support and solutions to each other. I’ve seen many people asking questions and receiving great feedback from the community and I was simply attempting to reach out to the community as well for advice.

Do you remember the benefits which no pmo gave you ?

don’t worry your question is not rude at all. I guess that this journey sometime takes a lot of energy which can make us a bit angry from time to time.

Infect it is a pretty legit question.
In my case it’s the same thing. my main trigger definitely is boredom.
Unfortunately i can’t give you a perfect solution yet since I don’t have it sorted out either.

of course you could try to occupy yourself the whole weekend and the time you are at home you could just power through the urges with some prevention strategies. But as you said eventually you will be alone and bored.

What I currently try to do is trying to feel better about doing nothing. I know that I some how feel bad or fear boredom which than triggers me to watch porn.
For that I currently try the “do nothing” meditation. (it’s not about not thinking anything while meditating but about letting your mind lose and let it think what it wants to). I think that it helps me quite a bit to make the time alone less boring and hence getting less triggers.
it starts to feel good to have time where I don’t have to do something
Of course standard tactics are also good. like cold shower and sport if you do get a trigger.

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