Survey about payed sex

Hey guys. Just new here.
Wanted to know your opinion about paying for sex. Is it ok for you, do you think it as a relapse?
Anyway, no porn and no social media, just having payed sex once a month.
Think It would be easier to concentrate on building myself up when I’m not craving that much sex and so mot reaching for porn and other stuff.


Not recommended at all on so many levels.


Definately not , NoFap and NoPorn is not just about not watching porn and not masturbating . Its about fighting your lust , crave for sex . Plus payed sex uncrease your chances of STDs


Paying for Sex or Prostitution or Sex Tourism or Just paying some friend to sleep with …Whatever the terminology used.

It fails at all levels - Societal, Moral, Spiritual, Ethical etc





Stay sharp.


Guy we are here for brain rewiring and not for getting the nofap certificate. So any kind of sexual activity that happens when we are a little conscious due to urges are relapse. If you are here for brain rewiring. Or more clearly
Reacting to any urge is relapse. Not reacting or reacting against an urge is not a relapse.


But what if not reacting to an urge is also a reaction; for since you acknowledged that you have been urged; it was as though you were reacting. You did something at that very moment. Therefore I’m confused whether acknowledging an urge is a reaction or not… For if it is indeed a reaction, then it is impossible to not relapse if you must need to acknowledge an urge; Otherwise, your statement is protected. So please clarify…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


This will definitely be a relapse. I don’t see it as anything different from paying for pornhub subscription to watch porn once in a while.
However, I couldn’t say if it was your girlfriend/wife/partner with whom you were having consensual sex , free of all the material possessions but filled with emotional and devotional investments. But going for a prostitute just to fulfill your urges is a relapse anyday.

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Payed sex= prostitution =porn= relapse.

It would be better to just relapse once a month to masterbate only. As mentioned it has many added diseases as a bad side effect or an unplanned pregnancy. Sure you are to use condoms, but what if you had to much or the next day askes did we use one? Or if one tore.

Man stds aint all that pretty you get some nasty stuff out there. From litterly bugs digging in you, weird rashes. Also the worst is not to lead a normal life as any illness pulls you down and you have to drink so many pills just to lead a life if the pills don’t make you a zombie.

Just doing research on std’s not so fun to think about sex then.

High risks are here and also you ain’t learning to control to view people as just a pleasure center. Nofap is a tool to guide us in controlling our sex lives healthy. Not to screw everyone for a 100 bucks.

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Huh… People are so desperate.🤦