Super Bardock's Epic

The name’s Bardock.
Mission’s to kill the evil scum Frieza(PMO) Who took away everything from me!
Spent years of my life, serving that rotting puny scumbag Frieza! Took my friends, my world, my life!

Frieza! Don’t even dare to come near my vicinity or I’m gonna smash you to the core of the universe, and fire a Ki blast into your f*ing big mouth of a lady voice and sent it through your fuckking asshole of a tail! Rotting scumbag piece of shit!


Hello @Bardock I am a Saiyan too but a Fusion I would like to say that don’t be angry on frieza (pmo) try to meditate and defeat frieza also it will help it will increase your power level and then you would become a super Saiyan and defeat that Frieza. I wish for you with Dragon balls :dragon_face::dragon:

Losing control day by day huh. I see how weak you are… If this keeps up then you will never be able to overcome Frieza!

2 months of 2021 Wasted!

Get Up, Get Strong.

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