Suicidal thoughts hitting me😭please help

Suicidal thoughts hitting me😭
I am just 17 years old living with my family

I am in crying now and sitting alone in a room with a thought of suicide😭

I am in this deadly situation because of my mouth :sob: and careless speaking​:sob:

The incident was:

My father has a old elder brother and he is suffering from lung cancer.

All our family members are continually going and coming to hospital.

In this time, my father was stressed out because of both pressure coming from family and business and he decided to plan a trip to hill Station with his friends.

He told us not to say this to family members as they may get upset and think bad about him as his brother is in hospital

I too managed to say he just went to temple and never revealed he went to trip with friends

But, due to my careless Ness, when my cousin suddenly asked me why is yoir father taking these many days to come from temple and asked where did he actually go, I revealed the place name.

He also told to everyone that where my father actually went.

And my father arrived today night 11:00pm and That was not a much problem.

But now​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:,

A call came from the hospital that my father’s brother is serious and to come immediately :sob:

If something happens to him​:sob::sob:,

Whole family will fight with my father for leaving him in hospital and going for a trip with friends and my parents too will fight with me😭

I don’t know what to do😭, my parents are out to hospital,

As well the pain of my uncles death also causes me sadness​:sob::sob:

I am home alone😭 and suicidal thoughts hitting me


Hello! Can we talk in private


Bro, please , I need one to speak

I am in critical stage now


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Do you have a discord account or whatsapp, btw please don’t cry😇


@Purity11 I don’t know which country you live in, but you should definitely go see a therapist ASAP. In some countries, it’s free.

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@Fragend, whoever you are, whatever you are, I don’t care. But who the hell gave you the right to say all these, Btw if your mom is a therapist, I won’t mind visiting.

Your rational thinking is not more than any garbage looser if you can’t see which situation is real to help and which is not.

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@Fearless.soul Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed and think about where you want to be in 10 years time

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Hey man, we can talk privately!
But first advice think of all the good effects you can create on this world and make sure you’re not taking any psychiatric drugs. Side effects include suicide and are the cause for many suicide cases

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I believe this is a misunderstanding. I met to @Fearless.soul. I guess I accidentally did it to you instead. Oh well, sorry for the misunderstanding I guess.

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In any case, I suppose you’re right. Offering therapy to random strangers on the internet for no apparent reason is enough to warrant some offense. I apologize for this.

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Hey man. Listen to me please.

I know you don’t want to do this. The reason you sent this public is because you wanted someone to help/convince you. You are subconsciously looking for someone to get you away from these thoughts. So don’t do it, because your mind and your actions are saying to not do it.

The family issues might come, and they might not. You can’t control that. But you can turn around the way you are looking at things. Don’t retreat, push forward, everything will get better.

You are only 17 years old, and even though I’m only 20, I can tell you have a lot to experience and discover in this world.

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Stay strong and mindful man hope you get out of this
It must be really tough on you
Hoping family would be happy and fine


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