Suicidal thoughts are back

Hello. Hard to admit, but I feel down again. I’m feeling that it’s not necessary to live. When I feel more bad than good, why should I want to continue living? Living in the world of atoms electrons and photons. Particles with round shape that want to be balanced. And one day the universe will disappear, and the energy of everything will be gone? There’s definitely no meaning. It’s just happening. But when it feels bad most of the time, and there is no even a glimpse of hope remained, I don’t want it to just happen. I feel this way always, but just when it feels not so bad, I say, let’s continue to see what’s next. But now I don’t want that…


Science doesn’t love you bro but God loves you.
We are more than just atoms.


I’m with drago, once you realize that God loves you and you learn what that means, you also begin to realize how beautiful life truly is. Send me a message if you’d like to talk.


There’s no god. Please stop tagging that name in every post.


C’mon bro. I know what you are going through. Its very hard. But don’t give in to these negative thoughts. Life is the most precious thing in this world. You’ve been given that for a purpose. There are billions of species, animals and insects in this world. But you are born as a human being. you are a gifted man. You have emtions, thoughts, nature, beauty. I know when these kind of thoughts enter your mind, you’ll feel nothing is meaningful. But its all our mind. This is the only life we’ve got. We won’t get another chance. Use it bro. This is very precious, the most precious.


To say we are just atoms would make you ignorant of everything else we experience.

If there were to be ultimate goals of a human what would they be you think? There’s bodily needs, eat, drink, sleep. Then there’s spiritual or emotional needs. I would argue it is to love and be loved. All the worldly things we set up as necessities in life fall short of these 2 things. Without these 2 things we become hateful, evil even. What makes this so? Why are the laws of nature setup this way? If we are here just for the survival of the species why is survival good? Who setup those laws and who determines that the laws are good or bad? If you ask scientists they’ll agree that the universe and it’s laws are so precise and perfect that it seems impossible. I don’t want to pressure you to believe in anything, just something to think about. We could go further into this discussion though in PM’s if you’d like.

As to your suicidal tendencies, I’m sorry things are this hard for you. Things are hard for me too, but you have to hold out hope that things will change. Otherwise like you said there is no point. Even yesterday I had these same thoughts as you, but I told myself things can change still. I will fight with what was given to me, I won’t let this waste. Atleast if I do go I’ll know I tried my fullest to get better. Not half way, but I gave it my all.


Your biological meaning is to reproduce. Other life meaning you’ll got to find it by yourself. Maybe it’s some religion, or women idk. How old are you?


There are things called constants of the universe and these basically dictate how the universe works and the laws of physics. Gravity and its strength is one of these as is the rate of expansion of the universe. Scientists have concluded that if just one of these constants were out by the tiniest amount then the universe wouldn’t be able to exist and nor would any life. They have also concluded that the chance of all these constants being perfect like they are is 1/100000000… (the number of zeros on the end of that is about the number of atoms that make up the planet). A number that small may as well be 0 so what scientists are really saying is that we shouldn’t exist. But we do and there must be a reason for that.

I personally believe that that reason is God and that he has a plan for us all but I’m not going to pressure you into believing that yourself but for me, that belief and the knowledge that I am loved is what has kept me going. Perhaps it’s something you could find out more about.

I have also chosen to believe that I am going through this for a reason, that reason may be to make me a stronger person when I overcome this or the reason may even be so that I am in a position to help others who are going through this themselves. Perhaps you could try believing something like this because you will get to the other side of this.

On a more practical note, if you’re having thoughts like this I would suggest perhaps talking to a specialist about it. Feel free to message me more if you want to talk further.


I want to help you but I really can’t. I’m not close to you, and I’m not you. You’ll have to help yourself. Go and look for a professional on the subject.


Dont give up bro. Failure is part of success. Even you have relapsed 1000 times it is not end.Come out of loneliness and stay busy. One day you will win. Suicide is end.


@Levonad You may know that I’m also a believer but since you don’t want to hear about God, I’ll tell you something else.

First of all, if you have these thoughts time by time, it’d be a wise thing to go to someone professional who can help you.

You also have to know that many people in their teenager-early twenties years go through the valley of nihilism. You’re not alone with this problem. Never was.

Suicide is not an answer. It’s the worst desicion someone can make. Now you have options what to do with 60-70 years or more. If you decide to commit suicide, you won’t have any left.
I often heard my mother threatening with killing herself when I was 13-20 and it was awful. I loved her and she still wanted to left me. Finally, we found help for her, but it still hurts. Please don’t do that. I’ll be angry for the rest of my life if you really do kill yourself. I’m serious.

It’s not a bad thing to feel you don’t like the world you live in because it can motivate you to work for the changes you want to see. And honestly, everyone of us knows that you’re right and this world is definetely broken and hard to live in.

And I know it may sound cheap but personally I think the key is to learn how to love.

Take care.

ps: and you can learn cool things about atoms. The structure of this universe is amazing and one can find joy discovering the beauty of it.


We follow human dogma,
Watch all sorts of motivational shit, science, spiritual videos on YouTube, piling on more shit that; ‘yes I’m gonna say it’…
Separates us from God
All that stuff can be just as unhealthy as p.

We bury ourselves in the world, in it’s standards and competition.
But even Darwin recognised,
if we’re evolving how can I truly trust my instincts, my reasoning, and my beliefs?

We are absolutely clueless to what is beyond the horizon.

We can’t forsee much at all, only ever plan.

“its not going to rain tomorrow, you don’t need a coat” - it’s rains, and they get soaked.

“I’m gonna do this, NoFap for 90 days”
Later that day; “I relapsed” :man_facepalming:t2:

“I can’t do this, I can’t, it’s too hard” cries & cries, says a prayer,… And is called upon for some help with something “please take this food to your sick Auntie”
He spends the afternoon with her, and learns about her life, the daughter who died, and husband who left her because of the trauma.
He goes home that night and prayers for her.
He may have relapsed that morning, but seeing his Auntie happy was much more important.

I tell you, we are still like kids calling out for peace. “Daddy, daddy, I hurt myself” :sob:

It’s not science, spirituality, religion, motivational videos that save us, its people who cry for you.
It’s us.


Take steps to making your life better, but trust me suicide is not the answer and never will be.


I’m German, grew up as a scientist and philosopher in a capitalistic country. Perspectives change with experiences.
You are now at the boundary of your intellect. If you want to evolve, you must take the step and go beyond. Proof will be the immanence of reality that one experiences in the higher realms.
Materialism is a luciferic manipulation to keep the academic circle stupid. Scientists in universities are conditioned to become mindless workers for money driven industries.
Go beyond, and you will be shown.



Hi @Levonad bro…how are you…

Hi , you are like the lost in the desert right now , the necessary will come try to find a professional wise to talk with him , talking out loud with him ( face to face (Q&A))

Necessary will come when your brain is clear not right now …

My weak advices for you ( because I hope that you will be fine someday …) :

1- To take care of yourself , your thoughts (when it come & play the role like it won you finally )

2- by listening for professionales and educated Ones (listen without judgments to have your own proof and reasons , yourclear mind you have the rights to question , yes , and you will get answers no one can tell you must put this in your mind you have the choices …

we are here because we are all accpect that we will try always to fight our desease how ever what is it and this is the great concept that can maitin something )

3- No judements when you are angry …

4- You are a human have things and lost of another things , and there are things you give it hard work to try because we are human try to believe (don’t stop trying (breaks is legal to yourself ) , believe me to decide to kill yourself it can appear that is the peaceway but this is not (by listening to your prof. You will gain this point I hope so )
because what it came easy not gone easy (drugs for example I know that you are suffering from your deep I’m sorry for this )
Second , suffer go in 2 days later or month , even a year …( Suffer should go and never came back it’s just a time it came with another look )

I know that you are suffering don’t want to listen right now , I know

remember the best image you want the others see you .
Life is not easy at all brother , but trying is the answer and I know this words can’t heal or do a big thing but I will say to you (I’m trying and I still do this even I know that I’m not a good motivater or something of this ) .

I really really need to listen that you are ok only .


Dude! Your post is showing you have much to learn before you die.
Everyone of us is already going that way every second. Don’t worry about that.
Don’t talk like a loser! Everyone has a problem. Big thing is, have you tried to found out the solution?
You need a man talk! Don’t be a wussy!
Don’t even think for a second that suicide will save you from the problems of life.
If you don’t believe in reincarnation and karma. It’s okay. Fire doesn’t have to give it’s proof, you get burn. Only body dies and it’s not you.
So have a spine now!

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Monitor your sleep pattern there’s something wrong with it.

Thanks @NhTbH Sis…nice observation and inspiring post. I really hope @Levonad bro has overcome from his pain and start enjoying life to the fullest. Whenever I feel disappointed of my past sad experiences, I just think of " Only one life we have …why to be so disappointed and sad…let’s cherish the present moment"


I relapsed 5 times after 16 day streak. Feeling down for no logical reason. I feel so stupid.

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