Suggest me sleeping methods


I get horny and get wet dreams when I use a side pillow to sleep.

But doctor has suggested me to use two pillows as I have ailment problem in shoulders…what shall I do?

Give me some tips.

Also say do you also get horny and wet dreams when sleeping with a side pillow…

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Wear a brief while sleeping and sleep however you want.

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Winters are here and if you use Blankets. Roll yourself in that blanket in such a way that you cannot move and wear some loose clothes. Wash your legs. Stay hydrated. And revise your day while sleeping and Phone absistence before sleeping.

This can help you alot. I have used it many times.

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Exhaust all your energy before sleeping, like yesterday I studied from 5Am in the morning till 9Pm with two 30mins recreational breaks in between. So, I was really tired after that and slept at 10Pm. I usually can’t sleep till 12 or 1 pm in the night but if I’m tired I just slip into deep sleep as soon as I get on bed. You can try it in your own way.


Thank you brothers, will try it

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