Suffering from no ejaculation

I have many reasons to be on no fap…
PMO used to drain all my free time, my energy, my willpower, my happiness…
But the main reason, is that I’m unable to come without fapping.
I’m on no fap for more than one year. I have felt a great improvement. Before, I wouldn’t feel a thing inside a vagina. I had that excitement of being naked with a girl, kissing and all, but physically I didn’t feel anything.
That greatly changed. Now I have pleasure during sex, and I notice how thick my penis skin used to be.
But still I’m unable to come. No matter how long it goes, I can’t come even inside a girl’s mouth. Sorry for the possible trigger.

My longest streak was 21 days, but I hardly break through day 7.

I see many ppl with premature ejaculation issues, but I feel kind of lonely with my issue.

Any advice on this?

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I’ve noticed something similar when I would frequently fap. Where it would take a very long time to ejaculate. I believe it has something to do with the fact that with constant ejaculation your body is saying it’s out of fuel. It cannot ejaculate more. Over time your body will produce the natural amount of sperm to use for sex. And during this time I’ve noticed with myself that I become sensitive down below. Honestly I would say give it 10 days of no fap or so and you should be able to come easier. I would consult a doctor if the problem keeps persisting after the 10 or so days. Good luck my friend and let me know if this helps.


I had the same problem when i used to fap & watch porn.

Try hard mode for atleast 14 days. Have sex after that. Your penis skin needs repair. The abstinence period will do it for you. The sensitivity will be back.


Brother it takes times to get used to fucking if you have been fapping most of life. This happened to me too, while having sex.

My girlfriend being overly sensitive used to think me not cumming means I don’t like her as much as porn people and stuff. I realized having sex is entirely different deal. And that is the better deal actually, it’s only that visual simulation is not there, unlike porn, while fucking and things get messy, position, movement, coordination, etc. Masturbation is easy but sex is healthy.

My friend was so scared, when first time a girl took him for sex , (some senior in college, whi was damn hot) he didn’t even get Hardon. He was so worried, even started thinking he was gay :joy: In short, I guess he is doing fine now, and I am doing fine too. It took some time, that’s all.

Mainly it’s the distortion to sexual stimulation caused by porn that affects sex in beginning. Don’t watch porn at all, have a good foreplay, kiss a lot, touch and appreciate her body nd whole of it. Don’t just jump into sex like porn. Look each other in eye, talk romantic dirty, kiss, play then you go have some sex. It will take time, brother.


Honestly there’s two part to thequestion. Firstly do you have a boner with your girl, like a massive one. If you don’t you’re better off finding another girl. Sorry if it sounds direct but is the truth.

Now let’s say you do, I’d say welcome to the club of guys who can last 40-80 mins inside a girl! Seriously not many people can, average is 9-15. Just enjoy the sex and don’t stress about ejaculations, she will thank you later!

Say what?? If you can’t get a boner you should look for another girl? That’s probably the most porn influenced comment I’ve heared in a while

So many things are needed for a boner. From relaxation, to nofap, to you being in the right mood. And you should like your girl. It’s just stupid to leave a girl because you are not able to get a boner.

I agree that you shouldn’t stress, but I can understand that it isn’t the nicest thing to never come to an orgasm and that he wants to change something


Boner is ok now. I had problems with that when I used to fap 3 to 4 times a day.
now it lasts for 1:30 hours, even more, it depends on how much my girl can stand

But this isn’t as awesome as you may think. Girls need the validation that comes when we ejaculate. Even if you make her come like 10 times in one night.

Not in my woman case.

What makes you say that? Let me ask you, when was the last time you experienced, with everything you said and there is a girl who’s hot and everything but you just don’t get hard?

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I can give you two different examples.
When I had sex for the frist time with my girlfriend, I wasn’t able to get hard at all. not a single time.
After I told her, that I fear to not make her happy, the pressure to perform got so much less that afterwards, I was able to get hard and have sex. -> here it was clearly a problem of stress

The other example is a current one. I had my exams 3 weeks ago. I relapsed daily for two weeks because the pressure was too much for me.
After these two weeks I wanted to have sex but didn’t get hard.
Now, I am on 8 days of nofap and I have no problem at all anymore to get hard.

Clearly two occations where I was the problem and not my girlfriend (besides, we have been together for 6 years now. I would have left her many times if I had left her each time i didn’t get a boner)


Well, there are people that simply doesn’t match indeed, but supposing that you’re with a girl that you like and feel attracted to, it isn’t normal to not be able to get hard. Or to be unable to come inside her.

What we’re discussing here are effects of PMO.
I have had hard times getting and staying hard b4, but not anymore, after I decreased the frequency of PMO.
But no orgasm still persists.

I think that my body will heal and with time I’ll be able to come without fapping…
I know that my problem is rare, even here, and not much discussed

Your problem isn’t rare at all, it is common along porn user, but not all of them.
You just need to rewire your brain to sex and not pixels on screen.
Let yourself time, before any judgement you should allow a period of 90 days. Let your sex relax and take a vacation lol, you won’t loose it.
But if you are with your girlfriend you can have sex, just no porn.
Although people who cannot reach an orgasm with their partners are often very addicted to the pixels and screen(porn), for them it might be a good idea to let go of sex if they are using porn scenario or their imagination influenced by porn while having sex.
This period of 90 days doesn’t have scientific proof behind it, but a lot of people did notice some positive result by this amount of days.


Bro, as I told, this is exactly what happened to my friend. That senior girl was one of hottest in college. She undressed herself, started kissing my friend, but my friend having first time, felt that he isn’t even getting Hardon, he hesitantly left the room. Later, He told to one or two other friends who hadn’t had sex, they were like, damn, that’s the hottest girl bro. I get Hardon looking at her fb photo and you couldn’t seeing her naked. So they did make fun of him, only I defended him that it happens sometimes. So he was relaxed but still bothered.

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The things even out, in my personal case, in the beginning I used to not orgasm at all. She used to make me stop after getting dry down there, after one or two orgasms or without.
First time when I came, she later told she was very happy seeing me satisfied.
Then came second phase, when I was enjoying it a lot and didn’t bother about her expectations like position change for her pleasure. I would just do missionary for 10-15 mins and cum before her. She will be unhappy but won’t tell.
Now, things are evening out. Sex is becoming normal, little stress is there about expectations, life is chill. Last time we had sex, we both came together. Not sure it will be this way always but I feel like I am enjoying sex more now than before.

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Hi Navosh, I understand where you’re coming from, and I did already agree with you. Fact is it’s true especially for teenagers to early twenties, that we tend to have stress as a big impact.
In those cases it’s best to chill, have a chat with her and enjoy as is. Soon the pressure will go away and it’s not a big deal. If nothing, my last resort in that situation would be to sleep at hers, try for morning sex with the morning boner.

It’s not validation, I think I know what you’re talking about. It’s more along the lines of satisfaction. I don’t think I have words to explain that, however keep it going. It’s a different path, that’s all.

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