Success Story of Usab

100 days here!! many ups and downs, 2 faltlines :day 17-23 and day 71- 81, latter one was hard though. After that i found new me within myself. confidence is really noticeable, the fear, tension and other negative thoughts are vanishing day by day. I can clearly remember the first day i started this journey. i was so motivated and strong that day to stop pmo, later i started avoiding urges( sometimes they were so high that i have to go for cold shower, and push ups) later they appear very few and now my positive mind and attitude kill the urges within a minute. Trust me guys when you cross 90 days or more, everything seems different, you ll act and think like a child with so much clarity in thoughts. Girl attraction is real, they sense us and see that energy within us. i m proud of myself and i strongly suggest you to continue nofap. its just your mind creating urges and we can divert it, learn that. No matter how hard it feels never end up fapping. the reward is more than a blessing guys.

By Usab


You changed the category from stories to success stories and I thought Resurgent was back.
May his life is going well.