Success nofap to not do list

We always have a to do list with us things we are going to do things we want to do like nofap read a book or start a business.

We all think only about things to to and forget about things we shouldn’t.

For example: when we are studying after an 15 mins or half hour we feel bored so to fresh our mind we watch something on netflix or play some game or watch some meme on Instagram.

This causes a rush of dopamine in our brain and now our brain is tired from all that activity so we cannot focus on the task at hand.

I made not to do list and will be discarding the activities which takes my attention and tires my brain like Instagram netflix gamed like pubg.

Kizen step by step making progress
I hope I could help even a single person in this community thriving to change themselves and people around them.


In my personal opinion, making a to-do list and not to-do list to follow means you are not living your life, your are simple following the instructions and surviving.

Live life at the fullest, restrict yourself from things that will affect your growth by controlling your mind. These lists won’t last long :v:


I agree @EvilMorty but I think @Roohithh was talking more about a dopamine detox, even though he may not have know about it or expressively said it.
The idea would be to entertain yourself at the end of the day. Already messed up my morning :expressionless: here because I read a book and for me even novels are too much dopamine.


Do some meditation to stabilize bro, it’s helps me


Yeah that’s a good idea… Thanks :+1: