Subliminal audio?

Subliminal audio?
Hi guys, surfing the internet I found that there are audios that “hack” your mind to get this vice. I really don’t know what to believe, I’ve never tried them but I’m curious how the mind works on this fact.
What do you think? Have any of you tried it?

Hey man,

I never tried subliminal audio in this context, but here’s what I think about it: don’t know if they work (I think there is a whole part of cognitive research dedicated to what our subconcious can do and how it can be influenced, so there has to be some truth to it), but suppose they do, suppose you do “hack” your mind the same way porn did when you first started watching without considering - what good would it do?
A big part of our recovery in my opinion is to take back control of our mind and body. Wouldn’t that do the exact opposite?


I don’t have any experience with that. All I know from fellow people in recovery is that quite often some kind of audios can be used for edging behavior too. I don’t know if you are talking about the same thing in specific, there’s a thing that people talk in a microphone and make weird sounds to “excite” the listener, has some sexual manner to it. So be careful not to use something else for mental edging.

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