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You know, at one point one just feels unmotivated, I don’t believe words anymore I feel hopeless, when all the progress you have goes to shit you feel bad and angry about it, I just don’t believe advice anymore, nothing works.

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If you are facing flatline remember one thing brother time will cure everything…And its your will power and strong determination to stop PMO.if you are not willing no one can help…It upon you…Have a Great day brother


Hi, @LukeMouree

Can I ask what your personal motivation to quit PMO was? Why did you started?

It was because I was feeling worst by day and it was becoming an addiction I wasn’t proud of.

I can’t do nothing with your motivation. Motivation is useless, it only last for some days. You have to work on your discipline. Even the worst days you can stand still if you have discipline.


Exactly, most people think that you need to be in the best mood to do hard things but it’s quite the opposite. You need to learn to get out of your comfort zone and do the hard things even when you don’t feel motivated.


Whatever happens, whichever mood you are in, Fapping is never an option.

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